August 8

New Dentist

I don’t know if everyone feels about docs the same as I do. I find it difficult to find one that I feel ‘comfortable’ with and that I trust, and once I’ve found one, I keep them and never let them go.

I knew my old dentist, who was recommended to me by S,  since I moved here 20 years ago. But it happens that docs go out of business (do docs go “out of business”? please someone correct me if that’ wrong), e.g. when they are old enough to retire. Which is what happened with my dentist last year in March. I found it to be a little disaster. I’m one of those who has had horrible experiences at the dentist’s, but this one was able to take away most of my fear. He was as awesome as a dentist can be. But now he’s gone and I have to find a new one. And so does S, of course.

My workmate G had highly recommended her dentist to me and so I gave it a try. S had already found another dentist a few months ago but wasn’t really happy there, and so she also followed G’s recommendation and had her first appointment a week ago. She came out very happy about the first experience and yes indeed, everything and everyone here made a GREAT first impression. All the rooms look very friendly with a white, green and orange color scheme, the practice equipment looked very modern, the staff is incredibly nice and while the doc didn’t have any work to do (she actually complimented me on my well maintained teeth, yay!), she seems like a very sympathetic, nice and sensitive person. Good to know. there will come a day when she HAS work to do. I hope I’ll be able to repeat my good review then.

Too bad I couldn’t take a pic of that cute painting at the ceiling in the doc’s office. The one you stare at while…um… work is being done. Maybe next time…





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