August 20


Although I like to take photos of doors (and windows), I wasn’t on a mission during our 2nd visit to Schwerin today, to take as many pics of doors as possible. Or to find special ones. We weren’t on photo mission at all. I only took a snapshot of a random door… then saw another one… and another one. That’s how the following came together.


This is technically not a door. But I’m looking through an wrought-iron gate… which is kind of like a door. And I’m looking at another wroght-iron gate in the back, so…IMG_6152

Wrought-iron gate detail.IMG_6154



2 thoughts on “August 20

  1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Isn’t it awful? I mean… you know that I like (good and interesting) graffiti. But not when these dumbasses smear their crap on buildings (historic or not) and on such beautiful doors. It’s a SHAME.



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