August 21


Boltenhagen is a German seaside resort in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern situated on the baltic Sea coast 30 km east of Lübeck. It offers a wide view of the bay of Lübeck; a 5 km stretch of a wide and sandy beach, a boardwalk, restaurants and health spas. Boltenhagen is considered to be part of the German Riviera. It is close to the cities of Lübeck, Wismar and Schwerin and is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Boltenhagen is especially famous with families for its shallow beaches combined with a superb water quality. A marina with fishing harbour connects to the resort at its easternmost end, offering hotels and private beaches overlooking the vast Wohlenberger Wiek, a shallow bay in between Boltenhagen and Wismar.      source: Wikipedia

We hadn’t originally planned to got here… it’s a  1 hour drive… but then we learned that one of S’s workmates is on vacation here (alone). And so we all agreed that visiting her would be a great thing… especially since it was her last full day here.

The stupid weather apps had predicted rain for the whole day, in fact though the sky was of the bluest blue and temperatures were t-shirt savvy.

Though it seems to be a popular vacation resort, I had never heard of Boltenhagen before I came here. Shame on me. It is a LOVELY place! So lovely in fact, that we’ve decided to come back one fine day.

First thing we came by on the way to the beach was an ice cream stand that did not only sell the regular kind, but also “Original DDR Softeis”. We’re talking about soft serve ice cream which was said to be made after original GDR recipe. Whatever that means. We had seen ice cream parlors in Schwerin and Wismar before, selling that very ice cream and had been wondering what it is about. And now we wanted to find out.

When I ordered, the guy asked “mixed vanilla and chocolate?”. “Yes, please”. Then S asked what was the difference to the West German soft ice (and please, dear non-German-speaking readers, forgive me for continuing to call it soft ice here, I know you may have 20 other names for that stuff, but I’m too lazy and will just call it soft ice. Thanks.) The guy only said that it was made after the “original GDR recipe” and comes out of an “original GDR ice machine” which means that thing is probably 30 years or older and looks and sounds like it. It’s rather loud. No further information of what’s the difference between DDR and BRD (aka GDR and FRG) soft ice. Guess we had to find out ourselves.

The first difference I noticed, was that the texture was different. It was more like regular ice cream (though still soft), than its West German counterpart. West German soft ice feels more “fluffy”. I really like me some soft ice every now and then, even though I think that it tastes sometimes more … artificial than regular ice cream. Not sure if that’s the right term I’m looking for though. Probably not. This (allegedly) original GDR ice cream tasted RICH. Especially the chocolate part was very chocolate-y! It tasted wonderful and it was a LOT. I was completely full after I had finished my portion and said to S, that my ice cream craving was saturated for the next few days (something that is most likely a foreign concept for her though, she could eat ice cream every single day).

I’ve since tried to find out what the difference is. Back in the day they were probably forced to use the one or other different ingredient because not everything was always available at all times in the former GDR? Or the overall producing process was a different one? Or a mix of both? I don’t have any desire to spend my days with investigating though. Fact is: it tastes different from West German soft ice and it tastes better!

I’ve found out though, that in the former GDR the soft ice was served in different, shell-like waffles and always with a little spoon. We got it in a regular cone, which was fine, though. Maybe we’ll have another opportunity to find a place that serves it like back in the olden days. I definitely want to try it again.

So if there’s anyone who can fill me in on the secret what the actual difference is, please don’t hesitate 😉IMG_6155

Boltenhagen beach. (That critter sat atop a handrail. Had to include him in the pic :-D).IMG_6156

A beach bar. I love beach bars! (Anyone remember the movie “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise?)IMG_6157

They are serving Zombies! Rick? Daryl? ANYONE?IMG_6159

The sand and water looked awesome!IMG_6158

Swan family (as seen from  the pier).IMG_6160

Swan baby teenager.IMG_6161

Remember the days when you thought, Daddy was the greatest guy in the universe? 😉IMG_6162

We met up with S’s workmate, hung out for early dinner, strolled through some of the CUTE little shops, had a coffee at her vacation apartment, and started the drive home at around 20:30h. Even the predicted rainhad  come,but  also was gone again quickly and the sky creared up again.

At one point we talked about deers crossing lanes and that we both had never experienced that thank God. And then, only a few minutes later, exactly that happened. A deer… and a large one at that… crossed our road and it was pure luck that we had just approached a city limits sign and S had slowed down. Otherwise, I don’t know what the outcome had been.

And then, few miles later, the second one  crossed. Smaller, and  farther away. But that was kind of freaky, since we had just talked about it.

Yeah… there are very long stretches of fields and the woods between tiny villages here. You have to drive very carefully when it gets dark. We also saw a fox crossing, and something that may have looked like an armadillo, though I’m not sure if there even are armadillos in Meckpomm. Whatever… it was partly shocking to see that big deer so closely and thinking about what have could happened, but also kind of exciting to see all these animals come out at night.

As for Boltenhagen: weather forecast on TV is talking about a mild heat wave that’s coming in the next few days. And so our plan is, to go back there again and spend a full day at the beach. Not that we have brought beach wear, but that won’t hold us back 😉



2 thoughts on “August 21

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Love the beach and beach bar. Zombies…hahahaha…

    Can’t say I EVER thought my Daddy was the greatest. Sorry, Dad. I love you, but…well, you know.

    That deer premonition you had was freaky, man!!!!! Jesus! I’m always terrified one of Moms many, many deer will jump out of the woods in her neighborhood. My dad hit one once and it really did some damage to his car. Dad was fine, thank God, and I hope the poor deer was ok.


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    It WAS freaky… especially since we had JUST talked about it a few minutes ago. I had all the hairs on my body standing up for some reason. I guess because that deer was rather big and it was very close and it was pure luck that nothing had happened.

    I’ve always thought that I was glad I never had a deer accident. For one because it’s of course dangerous for your own life, but also because I hate when these poor things die because of a car accident. I’m SOOOO glad that S had slowed down a bit.



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