All caught up now

Once again I want to aplologize to those lovely people who have subscribed to my blog (thanks so much for doing so, it’s greatly appreciated!) because they are once again getting a boatload of emails (I suppose) with the update notifications.

Once again I’ve fallen behind on updates.

Ocnce again I’m trying to get better and quicker with that.

For now, thanks again to everyone who takes up with the multiple-pics posts and my crappy writing, bad English grammar and typos. This blog was never supposed to come from a skilled writer, so…

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the updates anyway 🙂


4 thoughts on “All caught up now

  1. iflachs

    😂 you’re right – had like 17 in my box today and couldn’t read them all, unfortunatly! because you ARE a very humours and good writer and your English sounds perfect (to me at least 😆) So keep up the good work and I hope, I can catch up the missed blogs later. Have a tremendously beautiful day 😙

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  2. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Unlike the busy iflachs, I had time to read all 500 emails in my inbox, so there! Just kidding.

    Your English is pretty damn good for it being a second language, Missy, and probably better than most Trump supporters so there’s that.

    As for your writing, it’s always VERY well done and extremely interesting and entertaining. I wish I could write a blog in English as good as you do!


  3. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Thanks for the compliments, ma’m 😉 I’ve just now decided that you’ll continue to be my friend… despite the dislike of elk tea towels, duck art exhibitions, Ballroom Blitz and fancying Fuck-Me nails. Aren’t you just sooo lucky??? ;-DDDDD :-*

    ROFLMAO about the Trump supporters comment 😀 😀 :-D.

    No seriously… I’m doing my best. There are better days where the writing flow is good and I’m halfway satisfied, and there are days where it seems more difficult and where the words don’t come easy and I just want to get done and over with it (like in the past few days). But I’ve said it before… I’m writing this blog mainly for me and I’m happy and thankful that you keep reading through and commenting (and for everyone else who reads but doesn’t comment).

    Let’s all excuse my dear Irma… she runs a VERY busy top fashion boutique 😉



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