August 23 (#2)


I’ve already mentioned in another post, what a beautiful place Wismar is. I love that Brick Gothic architecture so so so much! And so I can’t help it… I have to post some more photos for you to see.

But first… is it Christmas yet???IMG_6452

This cute old house in the pic below is named “Dankwart Straße Nr. 8” (No.8 Dankwart Street).

Built around 1430 (!), persumabely, on account of its minute* width of 4.8 meters, as a purely residential building. Around 1700 the original pillar gable was given a contemporary baroque silhouette. The substructure was altered many times over the centuries. After a long period vacant between 1980-1986 extensive reconstruction and restauration took place and since then it has been in residential use.

(*would some English-speaking fellow please let me know, if “minute width” for what is obviously meant to be “small width” is also correct? To me it sounds wrong, but that’s what the official info sign on the house says. Thanks.)

(sorry for cutting off the bottom but there were cars parking in front of it)

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a post, saying that we ate at restaurant “Alter Schwede” (Old Swede). Well… this is what we had. It was one of the most delicious meals of the whole trip.

I had what was called “Neptun’s Füllhorn” (Neptune’s Cornucopia) and it contained fillets of plaice (with dill sauce – on the left), salmon (with lobster sauce, middle) and pike-perch (with mustard sauce, right). OMG!!! I exchanged the boiled potatoes for a salad on the side. Who needs potatoes with this??? Most delicios meal ever!

S had “Kapitäns-Schüssel” (Captain’s Bowl) and it contained 3 sorts of grilled meat (I think it was beef, turkey and pork) on green beans. She also exchanged the potatoes for a salad. And she said it was crazy-delicious, too!

If you ever happen to be in Wismar, make sure you eat at Restaurant Alter Schwede.


It was almost a shame to sit outside but the weather was just too gorgeous on that day. I snapped a photo when I went to the ladies room…IMG_6457IMG_6458

Look! At! That! They let fall such a gorgeous old house apart, but they allow for a stupid “USA Nails” salon to be in it. How can you ruin such a building with a stupid Fuck-Me-Nails salon? (Have I ever mentioned how much I LOATHE these ugly fake nails?IMG_6459IMG_6460IMG_6461

Have I mentioned how much I like to take pics of graffities? Well… But isn’t he cute?IMG_6462

Sigh… the bricks… that balcony…IMG_6463

Look at the window details!IMG_6464



I didn’t make that sky up with filters…IMG_6467

There he is again, the Old Swede (red brick building).IMG_6468IMG_6469

I didn’t “filter” that sky either.IMG_6470IMG_6472IMG_6473

Meanwhile down at the harbour…IMG_6474

I may hate USA Nails but I love USA Vintage Cars 😉IMG_6475

On the way back home. A wonderful time was had by all. We love Wismar… ❤IMG_6476

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2 thoughts on “August 23 (#2)

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Yes, minute width is correct but it is pronounced completely different from a minute of time. Time is min-it and measurement is my-NUTE. It means a sixtieth of a degree of angular measurement.

    I love that my-nute building and wish I could live in it.

    I’m not big on fish, so I would just like to sample a bite of each of your 3 varieties, if I may. I would not want salad OR potatoes with that. I would like RICE. But don’t even SAY the words “fish” and “rice” in the same sentence to R or she will make a mad dash to puke in the potty.

    I’ll have what Stefie is having. Gimme meat.

    The inside of that restaurant is amazing! Love it!

    Love the buildings on the street, too. I really thank you for that postcard booklet thingie that unfolds into an entire panoramic street scene. Very, very cool. I would love that street.

    I agree the nails place is out of place in that gorgeous old building. I looooove fake nails but don’t have the patience to maintain them so you’ll never see them on me. If I could pay someone to come to me every time I have a chip or a break in one, then I would have them. A girl at work has them and I envy her, but I’m too, too, too lazy to keep them nice. And they would look REALLY STUPID on a hike. And they’d all be broken by the time I got home.

    Graffiti is always graffiti. Not graffities. The ostrich is cute.

    Yes…sigh…the bricks…the balcony…the sky…the buildings…I love it all!!!!!

    Love the classic car.


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Thanks for the my-NUTE explanation. WHO KNEW?????? Interesting!

    Why does R puke in the potty when she hears “fish and rice”? Is it the combination or does she hate fish just as much as she hates rice and the combination is TOO MUCH?

    You’re welcome for the postcard. I’m glad they all arrived!

    YOU ARE INTO FUCK-ME NAILS????? :-//////////////////// In combination with not finding the ducks art exhibition funny and not caring for the elk tea towel, I’m currently reconsidering that friendship, Missy.




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