August 23 (#1)

The Egg Tunnel (Der Eiertunnel)

(I’ll split the photos and post for this day into two parts because I’m afraid, one is getting too long since it was a pic-heavy day.)

Originally we had planned to go back to Schwerin with our SLR cameras. Getting up very early and all, to be there before people flock the streets again. Thank God unfortunately though, it was raining when we kind of “woke up” at 7am and so we decided to go back to sleep. Makes no sense to go on a photo tour in the rain, right?

Later, after breakfast (aka close to noon), when the rain had stopped, we rememberd the small town of Bad Kleinen. The elderly Germans among us may remember Bad Kleinen as the location where in 1993 the RAF* member Wolfgang Grahms was killed on the platform of the train station, along with a police officer.
(*RAF = Rote Armee Fraktion = terrorist organization).

But we didn’t go to visit the train station. We had actually read about the so called Egg Tunnel, which is probably the biggest attraction in otherwise sleepy Bad Kleinen. Attraction of sorts. Because really… it’s just a tiny, short pedestrian tunnel. But the name sounded cute and at least it IS mentioned as something worth checking out, and so we went.

Some facts about the tunnel: Back in 1895 there was a rehab facility on this site. Patiens went for gymnastics to the nearby Lake Schwerin. The shortest way to the lake crossed train tracks. Since that was rather dangerous, the facility owner decided to build a pedestrian tunnel that would lead under the tracks to the lake. The tunnel was finished in 1896 and was egg-shaped, thus the name. The facility is no more, but the tunnel still is. It’s 27.2 meters long, 2.05 meters high and 1.25 meters wide. Its walls are 38 centimeters thick. Its regularly checked and keeps well maintained, so you can walk through without being in danger when a train passes over it. Even some bats feel at home here.

As for the bats…. we didn’t see them. Too bat(d) 😉

On the way to the tunnel were graffities. Have I ever mentioned that I love to take pics of graffities?

There’s also that little tale about the tunnel:

During the early days of the Egg Tunnel, a young girl is said to have clung anxiously at a young man who was walking by, when she heard the thunderous noise of the trains passing over them. The two people ended up being a happy couple later. Since then, the legend goes that encounters of this type guarantee for happy marriages.

So let’s walk through then, shall we? (Oh, and no hottie guy came walking through to whom I could have clung or something. Just in case you’re wondering…)


Thank God, the light at the end of the tunnel can never be the light of an oncoming train in this tunnel…

Entrance from the other side. I like how the graffiti makes it look like a gaping mouth.

Me 🙂IMG_6442

We both found it very cute, that Egg Tunnel 😉

Now onwards to Wismar.


2 thoughts on “August 23 (#1)

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Hahahaha! “Thank God…er…unfortunately…” hee hee hee!

    Love the tunnel!!!! I love tunnels!!! Unfortunately ours all stink of pee from the homeless peeing in them. H won’t even walk thru a tunnel because of that. I just hold my breath. I love tunnels! This is one of the cutest tunnels I’ve ever seen!!! You visit so many cute places!!!! You should write a blog!!!!

    And what a fascinating story about the tunnel! Too bad the old asylum isn’t still there. One of my goals in life is to visit a deserted insane asylum that claims to be haunted. They have a lot of them on the East Coast. We have the one or two here, too. I’ve just never gotten around to going.

    Sorry there was no hottie in your tunnel


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Roflmao. I will take your advice about writing a blog into consideration ;-D.

    Yeah… that was totally unexpected, that the tunnel was such a cutie. We both loved it very much and it wasn’t smelly AT ALL. Yes, like you, I just hold my breath if necessary.

    A deserted insane asylum sounds pretty interesting. Take me and remind me to bring my camera…



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