August 24

Boltenhagen Beach

No one… well, WE… hadn’t seen that heat wave coming and therefore hadn’t packed anything suitable. Like beach wear, for instance. And so we went to C&A the day before to buy some cheap-oh tank tops that were on sale, so that we wouldn’t have to sit in long-sleaved dark shirts at the beach. The weather was wonderful (if you love the hot sun) and we rented a beach basket for the day. If you’re someone who wants to roast in the sun and want to get an all around tan, those are not for you. But we are Grannies who want to avoid the blazing sun and read our books in the shade.


This is what I had afterwards: shrimp (prawns? I never know which is what) in garlic oil with garlic dip. So. Good.IMG_6479

Almost back home… down at the lake… Beautiful, isn’t it?IMG_6480

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2 thoughts on “August 24

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I wish I was not so damn insecure so that I could wear tank tops in public. Not happening with my round body and flabby arms. So jealous of my BFF L who can wear summer clothes in public since she has zero fat on her entire body.

    Shrimp, prawns, langostinos, I never know the difference. That plate of food looks deeeeeelicious though!!!!

    Yes, the lake is gorgeous!


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Well… we don’t wear the type of tank tops that you are maybe) thinking of for the same reasons that you don’t wear them. What I mean is armless (?) shirts that fall very… losely. Can’t describe it any better. We both would NEVER wear ANYTHING that is tight around our fat bellies. NEVER. Always very lose falling type of shirts.

    Too bad. I thought I would finally learn about the prawns/shrip difference.



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