August 25

Those F-cking Grannies!

There are boat tours every Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 13:00h from the pier in Boltenhagen.

To Travemünde!

Everyone who knows us, also knows how much we love our beloved and lovely Travemünde. We had already decided to prolong our vacation to two days in Travemünde, but… a day trip on a boat that lasts 1.5 hours one way with a 2 hour stay in Travemünde? We’re IN!

And so we drove 1 hour to Boltenhagen again today, arrived at the pier at noon sharp, and waited. You can’t buy tickets in advance, you hop on the boat when it arrives and pay there. If you want to travel in a group with 25 people and more, you have to book in advance, though.

We saw that a lot of people were on that pier at the time when the boat arrived. Many of them Grannies. Two of them were obviously The Leaders, one of them carrying a guitar on her back. The other went ahead as soon as the boat arrived and needed to “talk to the boss” (aka the person in charge on the boat.) And then, when everyone was ready to go aboard, we were told from The Boss, that we had to let in that group of Grannies first. So everyone stood at the side and one Granny after another and another and another and another and another… (you get the idea!) went on the boat.

At one point I looked at that boat and started to wonder, how many people would fit on it, maximum and what would happen if that maximum was met. So when all the Grannies were in, err… on, another handful of Non-Grannies were able to go aboard until The Boss said “we’re full”.

Um, WHAT? But what about all those people who were still NOT aboard? Well, turned out that it was just bad luck. They can’t guarantee that you fit on the boat once it is full. It sucked that just for that very day, that large group of Grannies had booked that trip in advance.

All of us who didn’t fit in anymore, were of course majorly pissed off! Couldn’t they put up a sign on that pier that a group of 35 had booked a trip today and that there would only be room for XX more people? So that everyone who arrived later in the line would know that there wouldn’t be a chance anymore?

Oohhhhh were we ever pissed off!! Basically 2 hours of roundtrip drive were in vain, as was 1 hour wating in the hot sun on the pier. Not to speak about the huge disappointment because we had been looking forward to that trip SOOOOOOOO much!

We went back into town and had a light lunch somewhere on the nice porch of a restaurant and were still PISSED OFF. Stefie kept saying “that whipped cream on the Granny’s cake they are eating on that boat has gone bad and Those F-cking Grannies are all going to puke for the rest of the day”. I said “I’ve heard there will be a major thunderstorm and gallons of rain today in Travemünde. Those F-cking Grannies will all be SOAKED!”

We kept going on like this until I said “we should stop… karma is a bitch!”. But we couldn’t. “There will be a problem with the boat while on the open sea and These F-cking Grannies will sit there for a day and a night, scared to their rusty bones, before they are rescued.”

Of course it wasn’t the fault of the Grannies. But you know how these things work. You need someone to put the blame on, if there’s major disappointment ;-). And S said “remember that Granny with the guitar? have you heard that they all already started singing when the boat was still on the pier? you know what? let’s be GLAD we’re not on that boat! 35 singing Grannies would have been insufferable!”


And so I only took one pic of a cute café in Boltenhagen, just to take a Photo of the Day. Wasn’t in the mood for just one single more pic and we went right home after that.

Those F-cking Grannies!



2 thoughts on “August 25

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh man that totally SUCKS!!!! I can totally understand how angry and disappointed you were. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Takes a long time to get over something like THAT! But yes, 35 singing grannies would’ve been torture!!!

    Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute building!!!!



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