August 27


Before we leave Flessenow though, lets take a last pic of this horsie – a different one on a different meadow. Saw it almost every day, standing at that exact same spot. It looked a little funny with its withers almost looking like a hump, appearing a bit like a Granny horse, preferring to stand in the shade under a big tree. I liked its long mane (or do we call it forelock? or just hair? whatever…)

Bye horsie, bye Flessenow.2016-08-27 10.33.46 HDR-2

As much as we liked it there, but…

You know these places where you go on vacation and really like them but they are just that? Vacation destinations? And then there are those places who started as vacation destinations but after 5 minutes became 2nd homes? Travemünde is one of them.2016-08-27 12.31.09-b

First thing first: going to restaurant “Seebär” for lunch. There’s no breaking the tradition. We had been asking ourselves though, if and what things had changed after we hadn’t been in Travemünde for more than 2 years. If, e.g. the Seebär would be no more, that would have been devastating. But everything was ok. They have a new owner now and the interior was changed/upgraded a bit, but that was fine.

I ate my usual fried herring (which is served cold, by the way) with fried (and hot) potatoes. Again: there’s no breaking the tradition.2016-08-27 13.44.09

Cappuccino heart.2016-08-27 14.12.38

Of course we had to stroll the “Vorderreihe” (Front Row) which is the main shopping street and parallels the river Trave. Here is our most favorite book shop in the world. Why? Can’t even say. It’s pretty small and pretty packed, but it has that certain charme and we love love love it. 2016-08-27 15.08.20

S is currently obsessed with buying tea pots. I don’t want to go as far as calling at an addiction, but it’s getting close… (kidding!).

She was pretty sure she’d find the one or other nice one in Travemünde, of course. This was the first one she looked at in a tea shop. It’s hand-made by an artist from the USA (don’t rememeber her name). And isn’t it cute????

2016-08-27 15.43.19 HDR-2

I love that little penguin on the top of the lid 🙂2016-08-27 15.43.09 HDR-2

Problem with that pot though: it’s more a collector’s item, or something you put on a shelf for deco. It’s not really practical for daily use. Imagine something would break? The sales person said as much: that it’s mostly people who buy it for deco/collecting reasons who buy pots like that. It didn’t come exactly cheap as well and so it had to stay in the shop. But she found two others that she liked, so….

THIS! I NEED this beach basket, which is not made for the beach but for my future patio of my future loft. I want to snuggle up in there and read my book forever! What? 2,500 Euro? Peanuts… ahem.2016-08-27 16.45.48

What a brillant example of a manspreader! That guy had “macho” written all over his attitude. Gross!2016-08-27 17.51.53

The beach and the baskets.2016-08-27 18.52.58-b

The sea and the sailing boat.2016-08-27 19.04.24

I will never ever get tired of watching the biiiig ferries coming in and softly gliding on the Trave to the”Skandinavienkai” (which is what the wharf or quay in Travemünde is called). The river almost appears like the eye of a needle…2016-08-27 20.54.53

Unfortunately we hadn’t found a vacant and affordable hotel room but had to go back to Lübeck (20-30 minutes).

See you tomorrow, dear Travemünde.





3 thoughts on “August 27

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I love that sweet pony!!!!

    Uhhhh yeah. Like I know anything about vacation places, period (!)

    The herring looks yucky but I’m willing to try a bite of yours. THOSE POTATOES THOUGH!!!! GIMMEE!!!!

    OH!!!!! I have to have that elephant tea pot with the penguin on it!!!!! How cute is that??? And the entire stack of cups next to him. In fact, everything on the table with him. Just box it all up. Doesn’t matter if the tea pot is “not for daily use”. I don’t drink tea so no tea pot of mine is getting ANY use by me. I just want to look at it.

    I love the beach basket! With a little table for my coffee and snicks & snacks. Are those drawers that pull out at the bottom? Love it!

    Manspreader!!!! Hahahahaha.


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    I know that fried herrings don’t look exactly awesome, but they TASTE awesome (to those who love fried herring. Ask S and you’ll get a different answer LOL).

    I know I know… the Elephant tea pot is cute. Too bad I didn’t write down the name of the artist from the US who creates these cute things…

    These are not drawers (at the beach basket) but foot rests. If that’s a correct term. You pull them out and can stretch out your legs and put your feet on them. (That’s at least how the things at the beach work).



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