August 28

Should We Stay Or Should We Go…

…. to borrow loosely from The Clash.

Normally, this would have been the definite going-home day. But hell, who can go home when having just arrived at this place?? Not us. And we both wouldn’t have to be back at work the next day. And so I looked up hotel rooms. It was Sunday and perhaps some people WOULD have gone home today and some rooms became vacant.

YES! We found one in a small hotel where we have stayed some years ago. And we booked the “XL room with sea view”, as the lady on the phone called it. 167 Euro incl breakfast. Done deal.

What a wonderful feeling. We’ll stay another day and night. Let’s look for new tea pots now, shall we?

Indeed, S found another one. It’s not on that shelf anymore though.

That shelf is inside a small cafe where we had been the day before. It was just recently opened and the owner is still not completely done with finishing the interior, but he’s getting there. A really nice guy that we had a nice conversation with.2016-08-28 12.06.15 HDR-2

See these cartons on the table? In one is the new pot, in the other the matching warmer. No, I didn’t want to show you the cartons, but more the interior. I loved the love for the detail here. Loved the different art calendars on the wall, for instance. All from different, past years. What a nice idea instead of framed pictures (although there were some of those too). I also loved the different colored chairs at the table and the little flower arrangement. 2016-08-28 12.07.02 HDR-2


This is our room at Hotel Strandschlösschen. Nice, isn’t it? 2016-08-28 15.32.05 HDR-2

This, by the way, was the cute welcome at the hotel door 🙂 ❤2016-08-28 17.12.12 HDR-2

There she comes: the Nils Holgersson ferry of the TT-Line (a car/passenger ferry line that travels between Travemünde and Trelleborg/Sweden). The ferries have names from more or less well known figures such as Peter Pan, Nils Holgersson or Nils Dacke. And please don’t ask me why I call the Nils ferry my favorite. They all look the same. It’s maybe because of the (cartoon) image of Nils atop a flying goose on the side of the ship. Don’t know, don’t care. I always love when it comes in and was sad I couldn’t see it from up close this time.2016-08-28 17.00.49-bjpg

For the first time during our vacation we had to deal with a (light) thunderstorm. But we sat protected on the patio of a restaurant on that – now definite! – last evening. A crow came visiting.2016-08-28 18.01.30 HDR-2

After the rain was gone (and after we had finished our meal and drinks), this happened at the sky. This is a no-filter pic. This is not edited. This is more or less what it looked like (as much as a camera photo can show the 100% real deal, which it can’t). It was fascinating to watch as the colors changed by the minute. 2016-08-28 20.25.44 HDR-2

180° view2016-08-28 20.36.00

The four-mast-bark “Passat”, a museum ship and Travemünde’s landmark.2016-08-28 20.43.19-2

Old Lighthouse and the butt-ugly building of the Maritim hotel (which also serves as the new “lighthouse” now). It’s shabby to look at from the outside, but you have the most spectacular view from the hotel rooms and (vacation-)apartments on the inside. We know, becasue we’ve stayed there numerous times (and probably will again this December, we’ll see).2016-08-28 20.44.00

Ready for its close-up. You can go up there as well. See where the rail is?2016-08-28 20.46.29-b

Pilot boats2016-08-28 20.50.35-2

Another (container) ferry is leaving for Sweden.2016-08-28 20.57.46

Open air cinema at the beach. It’s the season’s closing and final day today.2016-08-28 20.58.43

Can anyone guess what movie they are showing? 😉2016-08-28 21.02.13

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2 thoughts on “August 28

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I agree the tea pot shop was very nicely decorated.

    Already said on Messenger how much I loooooove your hotel room and the sunset pics.

    Passat! I think we have a car called that.

    No, I can’t guess what movie they’re showing.

    Why not stay at that hotel again in December instead of the ugly Maritime one?


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    The Passat is a Volkswagen car 🙂 It’s the next higher model after the Golf.

    They were showing The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was just the beginning of the movie.

    Because at the Maritime, we don’t stay in their hotel rooms but in vacation apartments. And the view from there is THE BEST and NOT COMPARABLE and NOT TO BEAT. Also, the hotel would be waaaay too expensive to stay there for two weeks. And lastly, if we stay longer, we prefer apartments over hotel rooms. And as I said.. the Maritime building is only ugly from the outside. There are tons of advantages over the other hotel from the inside.

    The December vacation won’t happen for several reasons though. Maybe hopefully next year.



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