August 29

The Last Morning (for now)

This was my first view when I woke up in the morning. Pic taken while still lying in my amazingly comfortable bed. 2016-08-29 08.21.33 HDR

At the Baltic Sea, there are no sunsets (over the sea) but sunrises. 2016-08-29 07.15.05-b

Our hotel. We had the room on the 2nd floor (that is 1. Etage for us Germans) on the very right. 2016-08-29 10.02.26 HDR

Instead of leaving instantly after breakfast, we took yet another stroll into town. We can’t help ourselves. It’s so so so hard to leave, once we’re here.

Later on I got a very bad dizzy fit. I had to sit down several times on the way back to the car. It got better as soon as I sat in the car, but I never felt really good on that day anymore. Went to bed early after arriving home and having unpacked the bags.

While it was a wonderful trip in so many aspects, somehow I was glad to be home again. I’ll probably be ready to leave again in a couple days though 😉

There are two more weeks for me to stay home before it’s back to work.

I guess for the coming days you don’t have to deal with multiple pic posts anymore. One of the reasons why it often takes me so long to update the blog is when there are so many pics to select from and I also usually edit the one or other. I hope I can update on a more daily basis again soon, now that I’m probably running out of interesting things to photograph and talk about 😉


2 thoughts on “August 29

  1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Nope, dizzy spells can happen and are not to worry about. I take pills that keep the blood pressure down. It can happen that the blood pressure goes a bit too much downer 😉 every now and then and is not dangerous (as reported from all the docs I have spoken to).

    It happened more often shortly after the heart attack, but the spells get fewer. (Get fewer? :-/ You knowwhat I mean.)



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