September 1

Hello Autumn!

Oh, am I ever glad that (meteorological) autumn has arrived. Who cares for the “official” beginning of autumn on the 21st? Not me. The sooner we can start, the better. I’m the total Autumn Girl and I love September. Not sure it is because I was born in September. I just love it. Too bad though, that the weather is still hot. Can we tone this heat down just a bit? I can’t  deal with it. It’s gotten even worse since my little heart problem.

Today we went to Wuppertal because S wanted to look in a special shop for more coloring pens. She found another bunch and is slowly but surely completing the whole palette of the ‘Stabilo‘ pens which are her faves (and mine too, but I don’t own as many as her).

We also decided to see two movies. For the first time we went to the CinemaxX in Wuppertal (so far we only visit Essen and Mülheim). The one here in Wuppertal, as it turns out, has a worse parking situation than the other two and the interior looks quite “cold” and unpersonal.

2016-09-01 14.16.332016-09-01 14.22.12 HDR-2

Inside the single theaters everything looks the same though and they have the same comfy seats as in the other two (and probably every other CinemaxX).

I liked that shiny golden curtain in theater #1, almost as if in a ‘real’ theatre. (Do we call the single theaters inside of a multiplex  actually “theaters”?? I don’t think so but don’t have another word, sorry.)2016-09-01 16.58.13 HDR-2

First movie was Ghostbusters.

You have probably heard about the remake of the good old 80s movie that we all have seen. This time, the main characters are played by women and before the movie even came out, the trailer was already said to be the most hated in history of trailers. There was a lot of bashing because a) of the fact this beloved movie was even redone and b) the main cast was now female and many hated on the movie before they even saw it. Then it came out and the male (!) critics still hated it, the females not so much. To be honest, we only saw it because we wanted to find out what the fuss is all about. Is it really so terrible or was that just stupid guy-talk?

Well… the movie wasn’t really good. But not because of the female cast. The basics of the old story are the same, Melissa McCarthy is not insufferable for once, the other three are ok I guess, and I kind of liked the casting of Chris Hemsworth (he of Thor fame) as the … um… secretary. There’s some comic talent there. Overall though I can’t say that I found the movie incredibly funny. It contains those typical jokes that you’d expect from a movie that starrs McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. It’s watchable, it’s not that you want to stab yourself halfway through, but in the end it can’t even tip at what the original was.

Second movie was Suicide Squad

Um… please Warner and DC… please just stop trying, will you? You failed already MISERABLY with Man of Steel (aka the Superman Reboot that No One Cared For) and Batman v Superman (aka The Most Ridiculous Superhero Movie with the most Boring Story Ever) and now the shit hits the fan with this.

I’m sure they had high hopes for this and didn’t see it coming that the movie – not bombed… everyone and the next person went in to see it on opening weekend of course – but to come out with such horribly bad reviews. I wasn’t sold on the trailer but went in with an open mind nevertheless. I really wanted to like it, but the movie left me no chance.

Will Smith played Will “Deadshot” Smith, but I was kinda ok with him. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was actually really good… one of the better parts for sure.  And while I didn’t really care for those two that much, I cared even less for the rest of the characters, despite the lengthy character introduction. Epic fail. Also, some of the characters were horribly underwritten and underdeveloped and I kept asking myself what purpose they had to be there anyway.

So the single characters were introduced and suddenly they were a Squad, like within 5 minutes, and they all go together on a mission and there’s a lot of CGI action and CGI bang-bang and more CGI action and CGI more bang-bang (which means, once again the story is a complete mess, just like with BvS) and there’s a Bad Witch that is soooooo almighty but then does un-mighty, stupid things in the end and there’s also Jared Leto as The Joker who looks like an idiot in a bad Halloween costume and is everything but scary but an insult to what Heath Ledger’s Joker was in The Dark Knight and there’s so much more that was not to like – for me at least.

There was only one really positive thing about that movie: the soundtrack. (A soundtrack that features Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet is always right in my book :-D).

Ok, and and Joel Kinnaman, who played Colonel Rick Flag, is kinda hot. (Those eyes!)

Oh wait, there’s another positive thing: Batfleck aka Batman only played a small part. (Who… please WHO decided it was a good idea to let Ben Affleck play Batman?????)

Over and out.

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2 thoughts on “September 1

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Yeah, Fall officially begins for me the day after Labor Day. That’s the day we always started back to school and we started school “in the Fall” so, that’s Fall! No matter what the calendar says or that it’s 500 degrees outside. I remember one Fall when school started…5th grade…there was a girl in my class that I thought was the coolest girl ever and I told my mom I wanted to wear knee socks like she was wearing. “It’s 120 out! You’re not wearing knee socks.” Sigh…

    But that has nothing to do with your blog so please continue.

    I agree about the coldness of the theater lobby. Looks more like an underground parking garage.

    I think we DO call the theaters inside the multi-plex theaters. When they rip our ticket don’t they say “Theater 5” or whatever?

    I forgot to mention in my previous reply that the one Sweet song I did know that you mentioned was Ballroom Blitz. And somebody rerecorded that song in the 80s, i think. I hated both versions. Hate that song.

    Is Suicide Squad the long-awaited (by me) movie with Jared Leto and the wacky blonde hair? It’s been so long I forgot what hair exactly. I wanted to see the movie only for him, but when I saw the trailer I’m like “I can’t. Not even for him. Not even with one of my free tickets. It looks too stupid.”

    So was he in that movie or not and why does no one ever mention him? Was he that bad or was his role so small it was insignificant? Or do I have the wrong movie?


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    So, let’s sum this up. Jinjer…
    …. doesn’t like that elk tea towel
    … doesn’t think the duck art exhibition is funny
    … is into Fuck-Me nails

    How in the world can I still be friends with her?????

    H O W ? ? ? ? ? ?



    Also… everyone who covers a Sweet song shall rot in hell! No matter who it is!! They are NOT to be covered!!! Jeeez!!!

    Okay. Back to business. Where was I?

    Yes, over here they call them “Kino 1”, “Kino 2” etc (which means theater or cinema in English) but I wasn’t sure if it was the same over there. I know that you say e.g. “that multiplex has 13 screens” (aka 13 single theaters), right?

    Yes, it was THAT movie. Jared Leto’s role as The Joker was one of the most hyped in movie business. And then no one talked about it because a) the movie sucked big time and no one cared about it anyway and b) because the role wasn’t that big and now it’s not really clear why the hype at all.



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