September 2

Sweet Memories

What I did today was ‘ripping’ (do we still say that?) some old CDs to my hard drive. I went throuhg my collection to see what CDs are not yet in mp3 form on my computer. It were a lot. I even realized that I had bought mp3s off of Amazon while I had the original CDs sitting on the shelf for years. Um…

2016-09-02 20.40.28

I want to put together a new playlist that contains a boatload of songs… pretty much a huge part of my whole mp3 collection. This way I don’t have to renew the playlist all too often.

You’ve got to know that I’m one of these old-fashioned Grannies who doesn’t create her playlist via iTunes (will never “get” that program) or Amazon Music but does it old school on the computer via drag and drop in the Explorer and transfers it to an uncool dinosaur mp3 player or a memory card to play in the car.

The good thing was that I went through several old songs that I haven’t listened to for ages. In the process, since I had nothing better to do, I wiki’d artists to see what they are up to these days.

At one point I reached my The Sweet collection. In case I haven’t mentioned it already somewhere (or you’ve missed that mention): Sweet were my first musical love. I “discovered” them when I was around 10 or 11 and not only loved their music but fell truly madly in love with that blond angel Brian Connolly. I mean… who didn’t love Snowball back in the day? Probably those who loved stupid Chris Norman from Smokie or David Cassidy… :-/

While I wasn’t that much into the earlier songs like Co Co or Little Willy, I listened to Ballroom Blitz (“are you ready Steve? – uh-huh...”), Teenage Rampage, Hell Raiser & Co all day long while longingly staring at my huge poster (or one of the other 5 billion I had up in my room) of Beautiful Brian . I’ve never ever found a guy with light blond hair and a ridicoulos haircut so crazy attractive anymore ever.

I was 11 okay?

And it were the 70s which means, the haircut was totally cool.


I played my favorite Sweet song The Six Teens and suddenly thought of checking You Tube for a video. Believe it or not, but since I’m not the video-watching type, I have never really looked for videos of the boys in all these years. MY GOD!!! For the rest of the evening I found myself caught up in videos of Sweet. Old TV show appearances in Germany that I even partly remembered having seen, Top Of The Pops performances, live recordings, documentaries and everything you can dream of. Yes I know. Duh. How long do we have You Tube and the internet? Don’t act as if it all appeared online just now. The thing is, I never thought about it. But here I was. And then I checked the net about what happened to the single members and what they are doing now. Of course I know that Brian passed away in 1997, sadly being an alcoholic and ill wreck (and Mick in 2002 I guess, due to cancer) but I found out other aspects of his (Brian’s) story that I hadn’t known. I mean, back in the day there was no internet, just BRAVO magazine, and I never really thought about checking out any of this in later years. But now was the time. And I loved it to get lost in those past years.

Gotta say that they were a very underrated band. Promoted as a teenage glam-rock band, they were in fact all great musicians and also songwriters (as proven by their later self-written songs) and they were much more than their image.

I don’t go as far as saying that reading stories and watching videos made me feel like falling in love with Brian Connolly all over again. Of course not!! But I was somehow able to see what I have seen in him as a young teenager. Totally. And I still love their music so much and will always and ever love it and cherish the memory of these early days of discovering my love for music.

If you care, please check out a live performace of The Six Teens on a TV show in 1974. Is that really 42 years ago? Good Lord…

Or the awesome Teenage Rampage.

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