September 4

The Angel of Music

If you’re a Phan, I don’t have to explain the meaning of The Angel of Music to you. If you’re not, you probably don’t care anyway. Although you really should. But ok, unless you live in NY or London, it might be difficult…

I’m a true Phan and was still lucky to be able to attend another show until it is over and might be over for a long time (maybe ever?) in Germany. And that makes me sad.

Today was actually the last showday. A while ago, when I was thinking about seeing it yet another time, and wasn’t sure if S would be down to also see it yet another time, I thought I could convince her with a 25% off ticket. Musical tickets don’t come cheap after all and if you’re asked by your friend to see one musical repeatedly because your friend is not-so-secretly-anymore obsessed but you are not, but you’d still have to spend quite some money on it if you’d decide to agree to see it again… then the prospect of 25% off might be a little help in deciding.

It worked after all, but that also meant, seeing the matinee, not the final-final show. But I thought that would be ok.

It was okay.

But then it was also not.

  1. because I had learned a couple weeks before, that not the main actor would perform for the matinee, but the understudy. I didn’t know the understudy and apart from that I had reeeeaally hoped for the main actor since he’s sooo good.
  2. because it sucks to sit in the theatre in the afternoon, kowing that there’s another last show and you can’t attend.

But there was no sense in being negative and I wasn’t. I fully completely and thoroughly enjoyed my 4th time. As I’ve learned, Nicky Wuchinger was the understudy (I remember him playing Raoul the last time) and he did a pretty good job. Not a flawless job, but a very good job nevertheless.

Just like the last 3 times, I cried. I can’t help but getting emotional to the point of ugly-crying every time I see it and I have no explanation for it. I can see that someone can be moved by a play or musical or movie etc. But isn’t it usually that after a while you kind of get “used” to it in such a way that you still love and be moved by it, but not as crazy as it was for the 1st, maybe 2nd time? Why is it, that it is still the same after 4 times?

And I’m sure it wouldn’t be different if I saw it a 5th or 6th or 7th time.

It’s definitely the story that grabs me every time, the music, the single songs, are too beautiful for words, the costumes are gorgeous and the stage design is simply BREATHTAKING… it’s basically everything. I could see it every week, but then I don’t want to see it every week, because I don’t want it to fade and I don’t want to “get used” to it.

S has agreed to go to London with me and see it in its original theatre, Her Majestys, sometime next year (it’s running in the same theatre for 30 years now since the premiere). What a thrill it would be, to see it at its “birth place”, so to say.

I won’t post any more pics from tonight’s evening since I have done so in my May 28th post. Please check that if you want to see them.

And here’s my Purchase & Pic of the Day ❤

2016-09-04 22.32.53



2 thoughts on “September 4

  1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    I’m not sure about London since I haven’t yet looked for tickets there. In Germany, the best seats in Oberhausen on a Saturday evening were about $150-200. The medium priced tickets were between $90-150. I don’t expect them to be cheaper in London… :-/

    We were lucky that the shirts and mugs were all on discount that day because it was the last day.

    I would like to have an original poster that I can frame and put up on the wall.

    For a while it was almost a mystery to me why I fell in love SO HARD for that musical. By now I’ve stopped wondering and fully accepted and embraced my obsession with it 😉



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