September 5

Bloody Hell


That’s how many plasters (I think the Americans say band-aid?) I needed today to patch up a little cut on my thumb.

As you may or may not know… since I had a heart attack, I have to take pills that thin the blood (something similar to Aspirin), that means, every little cut bleeds more and longer than it would normally do if you didn’t take these kind of pills.

And man did it ever bleed! Such a small cut… so much blood. I spared you the photo-details and decided to go with a photo of still sealed plaster instead. You’re welcome.

I even googled if there’s a way to stop such kind of bleeding. There isn’t. For the most part, if it’s small cuts, it’s not really harmful or dangerous if a wound bleeds more and longer than normal. Just be patient, it will stop in the end. It would only have to be checked by a doc, if the cut was bigger/deeper.

All the plasters didn’t help and I had to press a paper towel on the would for quite a long time before it stopped eventually.

I lived to tell the tale, I’m doing well, all is good šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “September 5

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Plasters!!!! How cute! Yes, we say Band-aid, which is an actual brand, kind of like we call all tissues Kleenex.

    I told my heart attack-y Mom about your bloody adventure and she asked what kind of blood thinner they’ve got you on. She takes Plavix (sp) and we had a nervous 24 hours this week because she went to have the prescription refilled and the pharmacist said “Sorry. No more refills allowed.”

    Her heart doctor in Batesville was seeing patients in Jonesboro. She asked me should she try to reach him? Should she call her regular doctor? What should she do? I said “Call your regular doctor and see if he can call in a refill. If you can’t reach him, try to reach the heart doctor in Jonesboro. If you can’t reach either of them, ask the pharmacist if they can give you enough pills to get you through the next few days until you can reach one of the doctors.”

    I worried all night and the next day. Called her after work and she had gotten her prescription refilled, thank you, God. Her regular doctor had called in a refill and when she went down to pick it up the pharmacist said SHE had gotten hold of the hear doctor in Jonesboro and HE had called in a refill as well. So now we see how celebrities get multiple prescriptions filled so easily.


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Yeah… that’s one thing you have to be careful with. They always ask you if you take blood thinners at other docs, like the dentist, because it’s VERY important for them to know.

    I take ASS which is basically the same as Aspirin. You should be at least familiar with the name Aspirin over there, right?

    I was told I have to take them for the rest of my life. Maybe I can stop taking some of the other pills I’m currently taking (guess that’ll show after my next heart catheter examination in January), but the blood thinners will stay with me.

    Prescription refills. Interesting. If I don’t have anymore pills I have to get a new prescription from my doc so I have to make sure I get it early enough so that I don’t run out of them. There’s no such thing as refills for pills over here.

    It’s too bad that your Mom’s doc lives so far away. For me it’s very easy. I can call in and leave my request on their answering machine and it’s a 15 minute walk or 5 minute drive to their practice and pick up the prescription.

    My regular doc can write the prescription, I don’t need the heart doctor to do it.

    I will have my first heart doctor visit on October 4. We’ll see if he’ll tell me something new. My regular doc is VERY good though and I trust him completely, but some examinations can only be done by the heart doctor. He’ll also be the one to decide if I will stay with my current medication or if I can cut some of the pills or not yet.

    So I suppose, since I don’t hear otherwise, your Mom is doing well? Has she had any kind of “side effects” or returning problems since her hospital stay?

    Who knew that she and I would become heart-disease-partners-in-crime one fine day… LOL.

    Fingers crossed that she continues to do well šŸ™‚



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