September 7

Afternoon in Bochum

Went with S to Bochum today since she had an appointment, but aferwards we wanted to do some strolling. Apart from the ‘Bermudadreieck’ (Bermuda Triangle), which is the restaurant and club mile in Bochum, I haven’t really been to the city center. Gotta say it’s really nice (if you’re into shopping) and it might not have been the last time.

We had lunch at café/bistro Zeitlos. I think they have the fastest service I’ve ever experienced. We had hardly planted our behinds in the chair, when waiter #1 greeted us and asked what we wanted. We told him we’d like to have a look at the menu first. Ok. About 30 seconds later, waiter #2 arrived and asked what we wanted. We told him that we wanted to have a look at the menu. Fine. Another 30 seconds later, waiter #3 arrived, and asked what we wanted. No joke! We told him the same we had already told the others.

Looked like there wasn’t a certain waiter responsible for a certain number of tables, but that everyone waited every table. Thank God it worked out fine after that and I’ve got to say that the service was really really good. It’s not that you can say that about restaurants and café’s all the time here…

Minor mishap though: We had both ordered the Linguine and got them with the tomato sauce instead of spicy cocoanut/ginger but we took it anyway. We both were very hungry.

I also had this wonderful freshly squeezed juice, which contained apple, orange, ginger and fresh mint. SO GOOD!!!

Something I saw along the way later: a restaurant, either completely vegan or offering also vegan menus, but I think they were all vegan, had “vegan chicken and duck” on the menu.

Um… WTF??? I don’t get it with these people. They don’t want to eat meat. Fine. Totally alright. But why do they want to eat FAKE meat instead? For me, if wouldn’t want to eat any meat for the well known reasons, I wouldn’t want to eat fake meat as well. What’s the point? Why to they have to turn everything that’s meat into some fake shit? Why don’t they stay with veggies and stuff, and tofu…

But okay. I guess I don’t have the slightest clue about any of this and should just keep my mouth shut.

See y’all tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “September 7

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Wonder what was with those over-eager servers! Jeez guys, chill!!! We all like good service but give us a minute to peruse the menu, will ya? Hee!

    That juice looks pretty with the way they stuck the apple on the rim of the glass!

    I agree about the vegans. If I’m going to be vegan, which I can’t see EVER happening unless some doctor tells me I’ll die if I don’t, if I’m going to be vegan I would be doing it because I want to be uber healthy so I would only eat natural foods, not fake vegan meats.



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