September 8

English China


Everyone please meet my newest addition to my mugs collection. Which isn’t a real collection in the sense of me collecting awesome mugs. It’s the usuall collection that many of us have, that contains of all different kinds of mugs that I got from serveral places. Some as a gift, some with advertisement from business partners, some cheap-oh ones I got from random shops, some that I drank mullet wine from on Christmas markets… nice ones… ugly ones… you name it.

And although I have surely enough mugs and have made a point some time ago to not buy them anymore, sometimes I can’t help it. Just like last Saturday where I just HAD to buy a new Phan-Mug.

But then, the other day while strolling through Ratingen (you know, where I met that cute not-Maltese-dog), I bought this beauty. It’s not that it was a rare sight. You get these mugs in almost all tea shops (and probably in a lot of china shops). It’s just that I never bought one. For one, they don’t come cheap, and also of course – see above.

But now… having thought about buying one for so long… I just gave in.

There’s also the fact that I had bought two tea caddys of the same design in Schwerin a couple weeks ago. Could I really let that mug sit on the shelf once again? No!

It comes from the well known brand Dunoon , a

Staffordshire based family business established
over forty years ago, Dunoon are the market leaders
in the production of the highest quality Fine Bone China
mugs, cups, saucers and teapots.

You can also order online there. One German page where you can get them is here . But really, you get them easily in the tea shop of your choice.

But since I am not a frequent tea drinker, I’m sure, my coffee tastes just as good out of it.




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