September 10

Superstitious much?

We Germans are for sure. At least when it comes to a few things. One of them being that you do NOT! wish someone a happy birthday before the day of the actual birthday. It’s considered bad luck. It’s a huge no-no.

Unfortunately, a very lovely person who lives in Germany for a long time now but is of Dutch origin, had wished me a happy birthday on Friday IN ADVANCE.


I guess the Dutchies don’t think anything bad of it. Us Germans though… ugh! But I just didn’t want to tell her to take it back. She meant well. I just kept telling myself that this was probably totally stupid anyway and I’d be fine. People are wishing other people happy birthdays in advance all the time (almost) everywhere, right?

And so thisimg_6894

happened this morning: I crashed this deco thingy (that white something inside of it is a candle). As you can see, one of the glass windows in it broke. No, I don’t believe that this is the bad luck from the early birthday wish. I like to belive that the broken glass will make up for the bad luck that was probably upon me because we Germans also like to believe that broken glass (or porcellain/china) brings GOOD luck.

And so I keep telling myself now that whatever negative was going to happen because of the early birthday wish, was eliminated because of the broken-glass-good-luck.

That’s totally normal, right?

But let me repeat this for you: Don’t EVER wish a German a happy birthday before the birthday is there. We appreciate it. Thanks.

And now nothing bad would ever happen, right? The broken glass would make up for it. We could start into our birthday-celebrating weekend. Too bad that my birthday would be on a Sunday, especially because I wasn’t off on Monday so that I could have a looooooooooooooooooong celebrating evening. I would have to be back at work on Monday after 3 months away and there was no way I would stress the generosity of my boss by asking if I could please stay home for just one more day. So we decided to have a great dinner on Saturday evening instead, without calling it a birthday celebration.

While I had booked a hotel already a while ago, that one needed to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances and I needed to find a new one. But Germans seem to love spending their weekends in lovely hotels because it was very hard to find something that was nice, cosy, not shabby, but also would fit the budget. I found one after extensive searching in a small place named Hamm. The thing is: Germany has at least 3 cities with that name. And due to complete idiocy and me being an absolute airhead, I had selected the wrong Hamm from the GPS menue. While I became suspicious after a while, wondering if that Hamm that we would have to go, was really in the area we were heading to, it never occured to me to check again. And S was trusting that I knew what I was doing since she wasn’t exactly sure where exactly we were going anyway because I had booked the whole thing.

Don’t ask for any logic in this story… there is none.

It was when we arrived in the wrong Hamm, which was actually a tiny village, that it became clear that we had reached the wrong place. Of course it was S who then found the right one in the menu. And of course we found out that we were TWO AND A HALF HOURS away from the location we wanted to go. 2.5 hrs!

It had taken us 2 hours to even get here. Which meant, the whole trip to our weekend spot would take FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. For something what would normally only have taken 1.5 hrs.

Again: don’t ask! This is a 100% case of comeplete absence of common sense on my part.

When we arrived at the right location, we saw that this Hamm was also more village than town, and that everything was closed, no one out on the street anywhere, nothing (except our hotel) was open and there was nothing to do. A typical Saturday afternoon out in the middle of nowhere in Germany. We went for a walk (mainly because 1. we HAVE to walk and 2. because we had been in the freakin’ car for four and a half hours and wanted to move the rusty bones just a bit) but it was hot and humid as hell and it wasn’t really fun.

So back to our hotel room, that had of course no A/C , we went.

I began to ask myself how much sense that whole trip would even make. We were hot and miserable after a that bloody drive and there was literally NOTHING to do.

If the weather hadn’t been so miserably hot, we would have gone outside because there was a small garden that could be shared with the room next to ours. There was a little privacy due to a tree that blocked the view a bit. But there was no way to sit outside in what felt like a sauna.

And so we stayed inside, tried not to sweat like pigs (didn’t work) and waited for the time to pass till it was time for dinner (thank God for Smartphones).

After showering and getting dressed, we went down. Because the booking had all happened so shorty before, we hadn’t reserved a table. What we thought might happen was, that all tables inside were booked and that we would have to sit outside. But by now we were actually hoping that this was the case because now, in the evening, temperatures had become bearable. Funny thing though: all the tables outside were booked and we could only sit inside. Sigh.

So far it sounds awesome, right?

I had one last hope though: I had read raving reviews about their restaurant, and this had been a main focus anyway: to have a really great dinner tonight.

And MAN did we get a good dinner!! Seriously… all the hassle before was worth it. We were greatly rewarded.

While I wasn’t entirely sure if I had made the right decision by ordering feta cheese and salad as a starter, I can assure you that this was an almost life-changing experience. Eating the feta, I mean. OMG!!! How in the world can a small piece of feta taste THIS AWESOME??? It’s not that I have never eaten feta. But it’s usually the normal supermarket version that I buy. But this here??? A dream. I wanted to cancel the main course and tell them to bring more feta. No joke. 😀

The main course however was FANTASTIC, too: Medallions of venison (German: Hirschrücken Medallions), with Schupfnudeln on the side.

Amazing! Everything, including the 4.5 hour detour, was worth all that.

You may excuse that I didn’t act like an idiot in that restaurant. There are no food pics to share. All I did was sneaking a quick photo when no one was looking.

The hotel, by the way, is located in a historic half-timbered house which was the birth house of …

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (30 March 1818 – 11 March 1888), [who] was a German mayor and cooperative pioneer. Several credit union systems and cooperative banks have been named after Raiffeisen, who pioneered rural credit unions.
(thanks Wikipedia)


It’s called romantic hotel but I didn’t choose it to get all romantic and stuff with S. I chose it because it was hard to find something suitable anyway and because their restaurant got so many praises. Now I know why. (And by the way… the room didn’t really look romantic at all 😀 )img_6897


So in the end, although the day was off to a rocky start and not everything worked out as planned, the day ended on a high note with that to-die-for dinner, that we started with around 19:00h and ended it around 23:00h!

And never would I have guessed that a piece of feta cheese would be THE highlight of the day.

Later sat outside in our little garden for a bit. The couple who had booked the room next to us was sitting outside as well. We were very tired though rather quickly and went back inside. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.




2 thoughts on “September 10

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Holy cow what a nightmare that day started out as thanks to the stupid Dutch person!!! Glad I was VERY mindful of the clock and didn’t wish you a happy birthday until it was way past midnight at your house. LOL

    Glad that in the end you had a meal worthy of the drive, heat & humidity. You Germans reeeeeeally should look into window air conditioners for your homes and businesses. They’re not expensive at all. Or those portable tower thingies. Two of my neighbors have put them in their bedrooms because our stupid apartment buildings only have A/C in the livingroom so sleeping in the summer is a nightmare.

    Mmmmm feta cheese!!!! I like the creamy, tangy one. You?

    That little village & hotel looks charming and adorable.


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Well… pics lie. That village wasn’t charming AT ALL LOL. Gotta say the hotel was nice though.

    Just recently they had a big test report on A/C tower thingies and it didn’t go well. Many of them are a) expensive and b) don’t make that much of a difference. And e.g. buildings and houses like the one we went to, are often under monument protection which means you are not allowed to build in A/Cs in windows. And most people don’t want that in their windows because it looks ugly. And the Germans don’t want their houses to look ugly… they prefer to sweat :-DDDD.

    However… it sucks that not even all hotels offer A/C that are in a regular building and not in a charming historic building. IF I was the owner of a hotel that was located in a historic building with no A/C, I would at least provide fans.

    No seriously… guess we’ve lived without A/Cs everywhere for so long… we’ll continue to do so. Even if it sucks. Normally we have a maximum of 3 months of warm or hot weather. If we’re lucky. Can’t count the years where our summers were full of grey and rainy days and no sun in sight.

    As for the feta… I don’t like it when it’s TOO tangy. The one at the hotel was rather mild-ish for a feta but the taste was TO DIE FOR!!!!



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