September 11

Happy Birthday To Me

I didn’t take it for granted, that I was able to celebrate today’s birthday. The outcome of the June 10 events could have been different.

But they weren’t different, I’m still here and – so far – doing well, and for that I’m very thankful.

The hotel offered a nice breakfast that contained e.g. different home made jams and other jummy stuff, but I wasn’t really hungry and didn’t eat much.

On the opposite table sat the couple from the room next to ours. S told me that since she hadn’t fallen asleep as quickly as I yesterday, she had the – um – pleasure to overhear the couple having some fun…

They were still all lovey-dovey touchy-feely with each other at the table.

But now it was finally time to unpack some presents. Wanna know what I got? (Rhetorical question. Of course you do. And if not, I’d tell you anyway.)

Okay, let’s start with these cuuuuute tea towels. I knew I’d be getting them. We had seen them in Wismar a couple weeks ago. S had bought them but didn’t want to give them to me in advance, so…


A VERY lovely 2017 coloring calendar in a box with illustrations from Johanna Basford. A little page to color for each day of the year and it all comes in a really nice box. Along with it a pack of Stabilo neon color pens.img_6910

A new addition to my Swatch collection. I LOVE this one. Have seen it in Swatch shops so many times … It’s my 7th Swatch watch.img_6908

A JBL Charge2+ wireless portable bluetooth speaker which is the best thing since sliced bread. Why? Well…
– it connects very easily with your phone/tablet/computer – the sound is very very good!
– you can carry it with you wherever you go
– you can even charge your phone with it
This comes exactly at the right time since I was a) thinking about buying a new internet radio for my kitchen (I listen to the radio regularly when at home, especially in the morning and on weekends) because my current cheap-ass dinosaur kitchen radio is a pain and b) because I was honestly thinking about buying a new stereo. I’ve always had stereos as long as I could think, but for some time now I don’t. I have been listening to music via my computer but the speakers are not really high quality and also if I listen to music in my computer room, I don’t hear much of it in the other rooms.

This portable speaker is not a full blown stereo of course, I can only hear mp3’s with it. But the sound is still WAY above everything I have in my house at the moment. It’s GREAT. And it is so flexible. It was recommended to us by a friend just recently, she’s a very happy camper with it, too.

Definitely a recommendation. Get it from
Amazon Germany
Amazon UK
Amazon USA
(Just in case you’re wondering: I don’t earn any money with providing these links.)

And lastly, I got this one (below), but only in parts as a present, because it wasn’t really planned as a present at first but then… S plaid half of it (had asked me first if I was ok with that arrangement!) and I paid the other half. Original plan was to buy it on my own and collect Amazon gift cards left and right to finance it. But now I can use the ones I got for other things 😉

It’s a Tamrom 17-50mm | F/2.8 !! I’ve heard very good things about it. Yes it’s Tamron, not Canon, but the same from Canon would have been around a thousand Euro. Not in my range. And I know that many people are happy with Tamrons (at least if you know what to buy). The guy in the shop also spoke very highly of it. And really… there’s not much to discuss with that F/2.8 maximum aperture throughout the entire zoom range. I have really high hopes for this one.

Learn more and get it here
Amazon Deutschland
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Awesome awesome presents from my most awesome best friend 🙂

While it wasn’t as hot and humid today as it was the day before, it was still too much for my liking. We went for a walk nevertheless (not through the boring village though, but through a nice wooded area) but it was after a good 30 minutes that I HAD to sit down on a bench. Couldn’t walk a single step anymore.img_6899

Felt completely exhausted. Guess it was a combination of walking too fast and slightly uphill at that, and the weather.

We rested for at least 20 minutes and then went back… this time much slower. Yes, my body keeps reminding me when I don’t watch out. If it’s too much, it’s too much. I felt good again later though.

Went home after arriving back at the car, driving to Velbert, and ending the birthday with a visit to Da Vinci restaurant, a yummy wrap, some cold beverages and a nice long chat. img_6900



2 thoughts on “September 11

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG how cute are the tea towels!!!!! I love them!

    Hahahaha I remember when I was squeeing over my portable speaker and you told me you would NEVER want one for yourself. 🙂

    Too bad you don’t get money via your Amazon links. You should sign up. It’s easy.

    Yes, a lot of great presents indeed, and as usual! Good job, S!

    Yummmmm gimme that wrap!!!!!


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    I HAVE signed up with Amazon… but for our Lee Tour Blog from 2014. It was pointless because not enough people read that blog and no one ever bought anything through it. And my blog only has less than a handful of readers and it wouldn’t make ANY sense.

    I vaguely remember that you have one of these speakers. Yes, back in the day I didn’t see how they could be useful for me. That has definitely changed. I’m a frequent user by now.



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