September 12

Has It Really Been Three Months?

I’m actively working since I am 16 years old and never ever have I been sick for such a long time. And I hope I’ll never be again.

2 months of sick leave plus 1 month of paid vacation time. Not bad, eh?

While I have enjoyed the free time – at least the free time when I was feeling better again – it was good to go back to work today and see all the familiar faces again and to sit at my desk. It’s also kinda nice to get back to the old routine.

I was greeted very warmly by everyone… didn’t work that much already because of course I had to answer the same questions over and over, but that was ok. No one expected me to be back in full working mode already today.

For my birthday I got the usual Amazon gift card from my HR workmates. No, I didn’t bring cake or anything… will do that at a later time though.

Cute little plant that came with the gift card.img_6902


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