September 14

The Snack Between Movies…

… was this mixed salad from Nordsee at the RRZ in Mülheim. What I like about them is the edible shell the salad is in. Not that one should eat it while on a diet. I have a feeling it contains about a thousand calories. Does it count that I didn’t eat all of it?

As for the two movies…

#1 Nerve

A movie with a quite “modern” theme: a girl downloads a game app called “Nerve”. You can join Nerve as a watcher or a player. She is a player. And now the watchers, an anonymous community, can dare the players to do … things. Like… first thing that our female protagonist (played by Emma Roberts, niece of Julia) has to do is walk up to a guy she doesn’t know and kiss him for 5 seconds. If a player fullfills these tasks, they receive money and the numbers of their watchers rise. The game is something for the adrenaline junkies and the dares are getting wilder and more dangerous. Whoever the makers behind that game are, they seem to have a lot of money.

Emma’s character and the guy she kissed for 5 seconds (played by Dave Franco, James’ brother) stay together for the rest of the night and soon they both attract a large community of watchers and have to go through very risky things together. Soon, all this, of course, spins out of control.

I liked the movie. In parts it reminded me of Dave Egger’s novel The Circle in which social media and an online company controlling the lives of people basically get out of control. I wouldn’t rule out that a lot of people who see the movie even think “wow, what a cool game! I’d play it in a heartbeat”. People may die for other people’s viewing pleasure, but that wasn’t a problem for people in Egger’s novel as well. And I would go as far as saying that I’d see this happen in real life, too. The world is that fucked up by now.

Good movie, interesting story, well played.

#2 The Light Between Oceans

After returning from World War 1, a man (Michael Fassbender) takes on a job as a lighthouse keeper somewhere on a lonely rock somewhere off the Australian coast. He wants to isolate himself from society and seeks the loneliness out there. Until he meets a girl (Alicia Vikander), they fall in love. They marry. She moves in with him in his house at the lighthouse. She gets pregnant and loses the child. She gets pregnant a second time, and again loses the child. She’s traumatized. And then they rescue a baby from an adrift rowboat. A dead man, also in that rowboat, they bury on the island. They don’t know where the boat comes from and who the man and the baby are. They raise the baby as their own. Of course, years later, they learn abou the real mother of the baby (Rachel Weisz)… and wife of the dead man in the boat. And the drama begins. What should they do? Keeping up the lie, or telling the truth and losing “their” child? There’s certainly no easy answer to that.

I liked the movie, although there were some things here and there that weren’t perfect. Some parts felt rushed and not fleshed out enough, others could have been shortened a bit for better pace. The acting however, was superb! Fassbender, Vikander and Weisz are all brillant actors! It wasn’t a perfect movie, but I liked it very much nevertheless. Interesting story (an adaptation, by the way, from the novel of the same name by M.L. Stedman) and wonderful cinematography!





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