September 15

Puncher or Perforator – That’s The Question

There’s a new trainee in our office. She origins from Nigeria, lives in Germany for some years, speaks her native Nigerian dialect, English and German. We’re all happy that we have finally a chance again to practise speaking English with her in the office.

The other day my workmate wanted to ask her to hand over the puncher. Aka: the thing in the pic. She told him that she wouldn’t call it that, but that she’d call it a perforator. Later, my workmate came over and asked me, since I’m the one with the best English skills in our little circle (apart from the trainee of course, and also of course mine are far from perfect). I said, I’d know them as punchers, too.

And then I asked my friend J, who’s American, and she told me that she’s never heard the word perforator before and that our trainee must have learned English from the English :-D.

In my mind I can TOTALLY hear a Brit saying Perforator with a maaah-vellous British accent. I could also totally see that a Brit would never call this thing something profane as puncher or two hole punch. But who knows.

So if you read this, please tell me – what is this for you? A puncher? A two-hole-punch? Or a Perforator. 🙂


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