September 17

My Wallet Worked Overtime

Felt better this morning, had breakfast, and continued reading until I wanted to walk up to the grocery to buy some food. Couldn’t find my wallet and searched the whole apartment up and down. Then went down and searched in my car. But it was nowhere to be found. Started panicking that I had lost it in a shop after going somewhere after work yesterday, until I remembered, that I hadn’t been anywhere after work. That could only mean one thing.

And so I drove up to the company (thank God I can get in on weekends without problems) to find it in my drawer. Grrrreat.

Back home and then off to the grocery I went.

And then the unwell feeling, the heart pain and everything else that had bothered me on Thursday evening and all Friday came back and stayed for the rest of the day and evening and I began to worry very much. Tried to calm down myself but it didn’t really work and I kept thinking whether to call S and drive with her to ER. Or should I call an ambulance? Why do these things keep happening on weekends? Why didn’t I go to see a doc already on Friday?

I still remember the paramedic in the ambulance that took me to hospital three months ago, lecturing me about ALWAYS calling an ambulance in case of certain symptoms. But then… I wasn’t sure if I was making up things … or if these symptoms were just “normal” if you had a heart attack and just had to live with them from time to time and if it wasn’t “too much drama” to call an ambulance. It didn’t feel like another heart attack or something. But it still was enough to make me feel scared.

I decided to go to bed.



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