September 20


Went to work this morning to inform boss and workmates and wanted to do a bit of work to not let them down although I was back on sick leave.

But I couldn’t even talk straight to tell them what the doc had told me without crying.

No, the crying still hadn’t stopped. I don’t know the last time I have felt so horrible.

Of course they sent me home right away.

Of course I didn’t object.

Spent the day on my own… going for walks… reading… crying… reading…. crying… again going for a walk… not talking to anyone…

… and finally installing iOS 10 😉


I wouldn’t say I was over the crying when the day was over, but I also felt that it was good. I needed that. I needed to go through this all now… needed to think about it very intensely… needed to let it all out. I hated the fact that my eyes were swollen and that I had a crying headache… but it was still good. It was a very necessary process.

Some pics I took along the way on my walks.


3 thoughts on “September 20

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Oh dear…poor girl!!!! Yes, it’s good that you’re having some good cries. Don’t think anyone can move forward without a good hearty cry or two or three.

    WHERE DO YOU LIVE THAT YOU CAN SEE BURROS AND SHEEP ON YOUR WALKS???? Ahhhh jealous!!!! How cute are theyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Um… sheeps??? They are a very regular sight here. THIS sheep and the burro (burro? not donkey?) can be found at Herminghaus Park, which is the [cough] huuuuge [cough] park in Velbert that puts Central Park to a total shame (kidding). They have a few burros, sheep, geese and pigs there. I went for a walk though the park but regrettet it because that park is a constant up and down. It’s like San Francisco in park form. There’s almost no straight way. Uphill and downhill everywhere. And I’m still NOT good at going uphill. Or walking stairs. I walked uphill like a 105 old Granny. An old man with a walker was almost faster than me :-D.

    I’m glad I’ve cried my eyes out for two days straight. It helped. I’m doing better.



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