September 26

Upcoming Weekend Trip Alert

Alexander Knappe is a German singer/songwriter that we saw for the first time at the end of 2014 when Lee opened for some of his shows. Because Lee’s (former) manager knows Alexanders tour manager we were lucky to get photo passes and were allowed to photograph not only Lee but “three songs no flash” of Alexander’s performance.

I think, all in all we saw 4 or 5 shows, bought his two albums, and liked his music more and more, the more we listened to it. It’s not often that I’m into German music. It’s very popular for a while now and there are some artists here that are highly popular and on every radio playlist in this country. Alexander is not one of them and the reasons for that are really not clear to me.

I’m not a person who’s totally into the lyrics of an artist, normally. With him it’s different. So many songs of him have such GREAT lyrics that totally speak to me… I also like his voice and he’s a great live performer.

He has played shows with a classical orchestra before and it was always a great success. He’s doing this again now and when I saw that he’s playing a show in Hamburg on a Saturday, there was really no reason to not go. Every reason to go to Hamburg is a good reason anyway. And so we’re driving to lovely, beautiful Hamburg in roughly two weeks and (hopefully) have a great concert evening and a wonderful time in one of my favorite cities.

That photo, btw, is a screenshot from my large monitor, taken with my phone. I was glad that I found anything to take a pic of for today. It wasn’t easy, I can tell you.



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