September 28

Linguine & Wisdom

A couple or so weeks ago I posted about going to Bochum with S and having lunch at a place with uber ambitious waiters, asking every 2 minutes what we wanted. Back then we both had ordered Linguine in a spicy coconut/curry/ginger sauce and instead got Linguine in tomato sauce. Which tasted good, but it wasn’t what we wanted.

Today we were back in Bochum and went to the same place and the waiter (this time it was only one who waited our table) was almost as uber ambitious as the ones the last time. I’ve never had my beverage brought to the table after I’ve ordered it SO QUICKLY. Jeeeeesus.

Anyway. This time I ordered again the curry Linguine… and got them (S had decided to eat something else). Gotta say that it tasted very good, but like so often, the curry/coconut was combined with fruit. There were small pieces of pineapple and banana in there, too, which made it all a tad bit too sweet-ish for me.

Also… it was so RICH!!! I felt so FULL afterwards. Ugh. It doesn’t even look like it’s so much. Whatever… I’ve tried it now and will order something else the next time.

The Quote of the Day for today on the receipt says “The will opens the door to success.” So true. If there’s a will, there’s a way.


2 thoughts on “September 28

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Looks delicious but I would have to have them add chicken to mine, otherwise it’s just a side dish to me. Gotta have meat to be an entree.

    Speaking of eager-beaver servers…when L and I ate at Woodfire Pizza recently, the guy snatched her plate away when she had set her last piece down on the plate after having taken one bite of it. She’s like “Heyyyyyyyyyyy I’m not finished!”

    He apologized. but since he took the plate away (after she snatched her slice back into her hand) she lost her fork in the process (it was on the plate) so she had to use her knife to finish eating her salad.

    Three different servers had come by a million times to check on us and we’re like “Guys!!!! It’s JUST PIZZA!”


    Guess it’s better to have too much attention than not enough. I hate when you need mayo before you can bite into your burger and they take 20 minutes to bring it to you and your burger is now cold.


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Meat with pasta??? Um… no! If there would have been meat, I wouldn’t have been able to even finish it. It may not look like much, but it WAS much. And that sauce was thick and rich. I was STUFFED for the rest of the day.

    Yes that’s right… better to have a bit too much attention than waiters who don’t give a fuck about guests. Over here though, waiters earn more money than in the USA and are not as dependent on tips, which CAN result in lazy service. Which is unacceptable still!

    I spoke to my workmate G about the eager waiters. She’s worked in the hotel and restaurant business before and she says that it sounds like the restaurant where we went to has some kind of bonus system. Which would explain why not one waiter waits a certain group of tables but all waiters wait all tables and they are then in some kind of “competition” of who serves the most guests and who “sells” the most beverages. I’m not sure if that’s the right solution either…

    Taking a plate away when not even finished with the meal is unacceptable as well.



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