September 29

Mark Foster & Annie Lennox in the same room

Reha-Sport (aka rehab sports) is what you do to get your physical fitness back after an illness/operation etc.

The heart disease patients have their own field of rehab sports. It’s basically what I’ve done at the rehab facility: ergometer training and gymnastics.

Patients in need get a prescription from the health insurance and many local sports facilities are specialised in that field and provide special trainers.

So today I went to the Velbert Sportzentrum who run their own rehab sports group, to get information on how it works.

When I walked into the building, some young guy who looked a lot like Mark Foster (sans the facial hair but complete with black-rimmed glasses and baseball cap) (most Germans will know who I mean) walked next to me… up the stairs… into a hallway… and I asked him if he knew if there was an office or a registration desk in here. Yep, he said. Just follow me. Turned out he was the guy I had to talk to anyway. We went into a large training room that looked like a gym. There was a counter with a young blonde behind it and an older looking blonde in front of it. The older one reminded me of Annie Lennox. Kind of.

So then the guy seemed VERY surprised when I talked to him about rehab sports and he checked my prescription and saw that I was talking about the one for heart attack patients. Guess I didn’t look like the typical heart attack patient to him. He then explained that they have several classes, most of them in the morning or early afternoon, one of them on Thursdays at 17:30h and one at 18:30h. Since I have a job, I had to choose one of those and decided to attend the 17:30h one.

I also learned that Annie Lennox was in fact named Tanya and that she’s the trainer of the group I will be attending, starting next Thursday. There’s also always a doc present during class… just in case.

Just like in the rehab facility, pulse and blood pressure will be monitored and recorded. The prescription is valid for 6 months. After that, the trainers and my doc will decide whether it will be extended or if I’m fine enough that this won’t be necessary anymore. If not, but I want to continue anyway, I have to pay for it myself.

As it seems, ergometer won’t be part of my training, but only gymnastics. Guess it will be the same like the stuff we did in rehab. I’m not a fan of it, but I am determined to do whatever helps to get better, so… see you next Thursday, Annie & Mark.


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