September 30

New Bed Sheets or How I Mastered The IKEA Training Course

Today I went to IKEA. If you read my blog regularly, you will remember that I was at IKEA just recently. I went for a 2nd time only a few days later, and now, today, it was the third time.

I might have been at an IKEA three times in MY WHOLE LIFE so far… and now I went three times within one week. Why? Well… here’s the tale:

When we went for the first time, S and I saw bed sheets that we totally loved. Like… love at first sight. They have tons of different designs at IKEA, but it seemed like more people had loved that specific design because the container was empty. All other containers of bed sheets with other designs were all full, but not this one.

I went to a staff person, she checked her computer and told me that a new delivery would arrive on Monday (Sept 26).


Monday we couldn’t come, but on Tuesday we were back. And stood in front of an empty container. WTF? Looked for staff and the two guys told us that there might have been a problem with the delivery but that we could check on the IKEA webpage if and how many items were in stock, by typing in the product number.

Great. Wrote the number and name of the sheets down and went home.

On the same evening I checked and the website stated that there were 27 packs in stock now. Huh?

We wanted to go there on Wednesday but that didn’t happen. No time on Thursday. But I was out and about on Friday and decided, I might as well drive over to Essen. But lemme check online first, how many are in stock. 235!!! Oh wow! Swell. Let’s go.

Arrived at IKEA to the same empty container.

I seriously doubted that all 235 packs had gone within 30 minutes. Went looking for a sales person. Saw one walking down the aisle, ran up to her and told her that I was now here for the 3rd time in one week to buy the SÖTBLOMSTER bed sheets, that according to the website there were 235 in stock but the container was still empty.

She replied with a mildly impatient tone and facial expression, that I please go over to the information desk, there would be two staffers at the computer who could help me out.

Fine. I went back into the direction she had told me… but neither did I see an info desk, nor two people at a computer. I walked up… down… looked at all signs … looked in different aisles…. never saw info nor two staffers.

After walking up and down for the 500th time I began to ask myself if I was blind or too stupid or whatever. Then the same person I had asked before crossed my path again. I said “I’m sorry but I have neither found the desk nor the two people” and she pointed – again – in a certain direction and her tone got even more pissy. “Over there! Two people are there at the information.”

:-/ I never saw two people nor something that looked like an information desk. I swear to God.

But then I saw ONE person helping out customers in the curtain and drape department. I walked up to her, excused myself for interrupting and asked where I’d find the information desk. “How can I help you?”, she replied friendly. I said that I didn’t want to interrupt her conversation with the clients, the clients then told me it was fine, they were done anyway, and so I told the IKEA woman about my bed sheet problem. She asked me to follow her and then I saw where the “information desk” and the computer were, that the other person had tried to send me to.

The “desk” was only a small table with a computer monitor on, and it was all completely hidden behind all kinds of drapes and containers and shelves. If you didn’t KNOW where it was, it was impossible to find. What an IDIOT!!!! Not everyone at IKEA comes in 5 times a week and knows where every hidden “information desk” behind whatever kind of stand, container or shelf is.

So this person now checked the computer and then told me that there were indeed some packs left in the bedroom department. It didn’t sound though, as if it were 235 or anywhere even close to that amount. But at least there WERE some left. And so I walked all the way back to the stairs again that led up into the furniture departments, and then had to walk aaaaaall the way through living rooms… kiddie rooms… kitchen… office… (seriously: there are no shortcuts within IKEA shops, right? You HAVE to go through the whole damn shop if you want to get somewhere. RIGHT? :-/).

Of course the bedroom department is not at the beginning, and not in the middle. It’s towards the end of the whole long way. And indeed… there was a very small container and there were indeed a handful of packs left.

I’m not sure though, why the website said it would be 235. Or had a new delivery arrived and they hadn’t filled up the containers yet? Whatever the case… I grabbed 4 packs. But then I had to follow the rest of the path, then down the stairs again, then make my way through the whole deco/houseware/bedsheets/lamps etc department ONCE AGAIN before I finally arrived at the check out.

It was a good training course… my walking duty was done for the day. But seriously… I went through the express self checkout and was glad when I was finally in my car on the way home.

All that for stupid bed sheets!

But man… we love them! We’re both totally into the Paisley pattern.

Of course I put them in the washer as soon as I got home and of course I had to put them on as soon as they were finished and dried and ironed (yes, ironed!).


It was all worth it. 🙂


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