October 4

When It Rains It Pours

What does it cost to park in a certain parking garage in Velbert? Well… today, 2 hours of parking cost me 10 Euro, one multi-grain-roll and a piece of pastry.

I had lost my parking ticket, you know? Not that this has happened to me EVER ahem…

Must have fallen out of the pocket of my jacket, either in the doc’s office or somewhere on the streets of Velbert while being out running errands. The doc’s office was closed at the time I wanted to drive home, and searching the streets up and down wasn’t a desireable solution :-/

So I went to the office inside of the parking garage where – THANK GOD – really someone was sitting, a younger guy, feet up on the desk, looking bored, and asked what it costs if you’ve lost the ticket. I was half expecting €30 or €40. Not unusual, depending on the city and garage owner.

“Ten Euro”, he said. Awesome, I thought. That’s about €8 more than it would have normally cost, but that’s a nothing, compared what it costs somewhere else. “But you’d have to give me a tenner, I don’t have any change here”, he then pointed out. I only had a fiver and a twenty Euro bill.

“I’ll be back in a minute”, I said and went to a nearby café. Bought the roll and the pastry and was back after 5 minutes and handed him the €10. For some reason I was quite sure, that young lad would put it into his own pocket. Maybe not, but… yeah, he would. I didn’t care though. I was out and I was very lucky that it had only cost me then Euros, a roll and a pastry.

The bad with the good: I shouln’t have bought the pastry. The roll would have been enough. Because I couldn’t help myself and ate the roll AND the pastry which was about seven thousand calories. Sigh.

Random puddle picture.

So later that day I was out for a walk. Those seven thousand calories had to be dropped somehow.

Also, I had just downloaded a new audio book (I’ll be broke by the end of the year if that streak continues) and I just HAD to get started while walking. The following photos were all taken during that walk.

When I returned home, I stared at the lanyard that was supposed to have my door keys on it. Not the big one with tons of keys incl. the car key. I have a smaller one with only the house door keys on it. Just that they weren’t on it. There was nothing at the end of the lanyard.


No, I hadn’t lost them, though. I rememberd then, that I had taken them off the other day for a reason that would lead too far to explain here now. And I hadn’t put them back on for no particular reason other than I had simply forgotten.

Getting into the house is not a problem. I ring a neighbor’s doorbell. I have five of them… at least one should be home. The problem is the apartment door.

The good is: my BFF has keys to house and apartment. The bad #1: she had aqua gym class today. The bad #2: I was out with the iPad because the iPhone was charging. And neither can I make phone calls with the iPhone, nor am I able to access my mobile data. I only have connection when I have wifi access. Means: I couldn’t send her a message. Or could I? I found a free wifi spot in front of the house, but the connection was barely there. What now?

Ok, doesn’t help, I have to try if a neighbor is home. The first one I tried opened the door and looked quite puzzled at me when I came walking up the stairs. Told him I had locked myself out and could I please use his phone? Of course I could. And thank God S had JUST stepped into her own apartment door, fresh back from aqua gym class, tired, hungry and ready for her couch, but of course she said “give me 5 minutes”.

Fucking up two times and getting out of it pretty much unharmed… something to be very thankful for today.


One thought on “October 4

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Ugh I hate when annoying things like that happen!!!! I’m checking 500 times a day to make sure I have the rental car key and mom’s car and house keys whenever I go in or out, or here and there.

    That pastry looks so good!!! Hand it over!

    I love, love, love the tunnel picture. I like the other pics, too, but I looooove the tunnel picture.



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