October 11

“Where There Is Tea, There Is Hope” ~ Arthur Wing Pinero

So we drank a nice cuppa in Aachen today. I didn’t have to work for reasons I’m not pointing out here and now. Thing is, we went to my old hometown for a bit of this and that and ended up in a tea shop with a little – I wanted to say cafĂ© on the upper floors. What do we call that for tea? Whatever… you know what I mean.

Since I rarely drink “real” tea, I once again ordered “only” fruit tea from their laaaaarge selection. This one was a so called Turkish Apple. Tasted very very lovely.

S had some flavored green tea which tasted… um, like flavored green tea – aka, not my cup of tea. So to say.

Isn’t that little tea pot cute?


One thought on “October 11

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Cuuuuuuuuuute little tea pot! I think it’s called a Tea House, but don’t quote me. I hate tea. Usually. Especially fruit teas and green teas. Bleh! I can drink fruit tea if it’s iced. Hot tea I can drink a vanilla or cinnamon or something like that. But don’t give me green tea in any shape or form or flavor. Makes me nauseous.



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