October 13

My Current Favorite Chocolate

So I was sitting at the kitchen table this evening, thinking about the fact that I still hadn’t taken a Photo of the Day and I absolutely had NO clue about what I could take a pic of. Nothing. I didn’t want to take another pic of a coloring project… I didn’t think of taking a pic of my dinner, and to be honest, posting food pics constantly isn’t a solution really. But then… what??? Until I spotted one of these tiny chocolate thingies I like to enjoy at the moment. There are 4 different kinds in a package (package contains lots more than only 4 though) and you get them for milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I prefer dark.

While I’m not a chocoholic at all, I love to have something sweet-ish after a hearty meal. Such a little piece of chocolate is the perfect amount. Also… we all know I’m on a diet but the number of calories of these small pieces are bearable.

And so… this is my photo for today.

You get those at Lidl, by the way 😉


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