October 9

The Almost Black & White Series

For this morning we had reserved at table at ALEX. They serve their well known brunch on Sundays and it’s getting really crowded so we thought it would be best to reserve. Nice thing was: the people with reserved tables got to sit down in their Lounge. It’s a bit more quiet there, and overall it’s not as crammed, and you have a wonderful lake view. They serve brunch till 14:00h and we actually stayed from 10 to 14:30h there. I called the day my F-ck Diet Day and ate what I wanted and as much as I wanted. Naturally I was stuffed at the end. And wasn’t hungry anymore for the rest of the day, thus there was no change on the scale the next morning. Ha! :-D.

From there we strolled a bit more and landed at the town hall. Always worth a visit. I took some pics in there for the hunderth time … anyway. I edited them for a small almost-b/w-series. Enjoy.

There must have been a wedding celebration (I guess) in their restaurant because there were lying tons of these little confetti hearts on the ground outside in the courtyard.

Town hall inside. It’s really gorgeous.

The sign on the door says “Fahrstuhl” which means elevator. Guess it’s a still functioning elevator.


Outside on the market square in front of the town hall, looking over to the so called Alster Arkaden

The End.


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