Oktober 7

A Day In The Life

Okay, so for today I decided to document my day in pics. Not sure where the day will lead to, but we’ll find out.

Good Morning. Today I wear my wonderful, new cosy jacket for the very first time. Bought it in August while on vacation when it was still hot as hell outside. Now it’s finally autumn and time to wear jackets, coats, scarfs and boots. YAY!

Velbert at 7:30 in the morning. Light rain, not much traffic.img_7163

Stopping at the bakery. “Bäckerei Bär” is my daily choice. Bär = bear, thus the stuffed bear at the entrance. It’s their mascot. Once upon a time, maybe a couple years ago, it was stolen. Then someone sent a pic to a newspaper with the bear that was holding a bottle of beer in his paws, telling the readers that he was on vacation. The bear was brought back some days later. It was never clear who it was that “stole” it and brought it back. Bär, btw, is not the name of the bakery because of the stuffed bear at the entrance. It’s actually the family’s last name and they have a chain of bakery shops in town for several generations now.

First thing in the morning in the office: a cup of coffee and the reason why I stop at “Bär’s” each morning: it’s called Campingbrötchen (Camping Roll). I’m not sure if anyone knows why they are called that and I don’t care. They are more sweet-ish and I LOVE them. For many years now, there’s not a single working day where I don’t eat one.

Lunch is eaten while continuing with the work. Since I’m working not more than 6 hours at the moment, I don’t have a lunch break. My lunch is a whole grain bread sandwich with boiled eggs and slices of cucumber and salad. Mmmh! 

Checking out at a quarter past 2. It’s so nice to work only 6 hours a day…

Leaving the company parking lot

Not going home but decided to drive to Mülheim to the RRZ mall. I love shopping, y’all!

F-cking traffic jam!

At least the playlist ROCKS! Anyone else into The Black Keys?

Right, so it took me almost one hour to get here. On Sundays with no traffic it’s usually not more than 20 minutes…

Let’s go inside.

Inside the H&M fitting room. No, I didn’t buy any of that stuff you see here, but only a simple quite long black blouse.

Also bought shoes and a new purse. Pics will be forthcoming. Now driving back home. Driving through Essen-Werden is usually like driving through the eye of a needle but still our route of choice rather than taking the Autobahn. It’s still a lot shorter.

Stopping at the grocery on the way for toast, instant coffe and detergent.

Home. Hungry. Chicken cutlet. Yum.

Chicken cutlet ends up in the salad. More YUM!

Gawd. Almost forgot to mop the basement floor. It’s my turn this week and I’ll not be home on Sat and Sun, so down I go. (That’s not dirt, what you see on the ground, btw.)

These Boots Are Made For Walking. (sing with me: … and that’s just what they’ll do! One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you! I LOVE that song!)

New purse.

And shiny new Oxfords. LOVE THEM!!! They look faboulos when combined with the “rusty” colored pants I recently bought at Flair Modesalöngchen 😉
You know… those:
(pic stolen from Flair’s FB page… I’m sure Irma dear will forgive me 😉 )flair

Now it’s time to pack my bag for tomorrow’s trip to Hamburg. More about that tomorrow.

Fresh nail polish and hand cream applied, now tea, relaxing on the couch and a bit TV-watching.

And finally… bed! Good night.


3 thoughts on “Oktober 7

  1. iflachs

    Beeeeauuuutiful coat suits you perfect! 👍 and the yummy salad makes me hungry instantly 😃 and of course I’m always delighted for u to use my pics while promoting my flairchen (or for any other reasons aswell) and thanx a whole lot for that 😙


  2. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Looooove the jacket! Love plaid. Still t-shirt weather here in Arkansas.

    Funny story about the bear! Who knew that YOU stop at a bakery EVERY DAY?????

    Never would’ve thought to combine hardboiled eggs and cucumbers! Must. Try.

    Ugh. I hate shopping.

    No, not into Black Keys.

    Instant coffee!!!! I thought you had a pod machine. Or a Keurig or something. No?

    Chicken and salad looks SO GOOD!!!! That’s one thing I have not mastered. Cooking chicken in a pan on the stove. Mine is always overcooked or something. I don’t know. I always hate the texture of mine. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can bake chicken in the oven, but I can’t saute it in a pan on the stove.

    Cute boots.

    I love these day-in-the-life picture blogs.



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