October 20

At The Movies… and almost forgot to take a photo

It was on the way home from the movie theater that it dawned on me that I had completely forgotten to take a photo today. At least I remembered it then, but of course there were not many opportunities anymore. And so I took a photo out of the windshield.

As for the movie we saw, it was “The Accountant” starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick and Shane Walsh from The Walking Dead. Ben plays an autistic guy who’s a math genius, but also has some other abilities… like, being a perfect assassin. I had read a review before that sounded like this would be the dumbest movie of all times. I’ve gotta say though that I liked it and didn’t see anything dumb in it. I liked the story, I liked the amount of action, it was slightly funny at times, I even liked Ben Affleck’s acting. Maybe because playing autistic suits his way of hardly ever showing any emotion in his roles and being stiff at times (looking at you, Batman!). This role was great for him. I also didn’t agree with the person who said that he and Anna Kendrick had zero chemistry. I liked the two together. The ending could point at a possible sequel. Guess that depends on the success of the movie. I wouldn’t mind a sequel, to be honest.


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