October 23

Another Sunday Walk

No, I didn’t feel fit enough to go swimming this morning. Not at all. And so I skipped. But I felt well enough in the afternoon for a walk and S was down.

This time we went through the so called Langenhorst Forrest. Langenhorst is a quarter of Velbert.

Once again we brought our SLR cameras. The walk took about one hour.


When the geese are leaving, winter is slowly coming…img_7043-14


One thought on “October 23

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Wow! What a beautiful forest!!!!! I guess there are walking trails like that right here in the woods of Cherokee Village. If I’m ever here during the daylight hours, I might check them out. That line of geese is amazing!!!!!! There’s a park or something in Jonesboro, Arkansas that gets so many geese in the winter I guess it’s pretty gross and disgusting and smelly. They were trying to find a way to keep them from coming. Don’t know if they ever did.



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