October 25

From the Office

This shot was taken out of my workmate’s office window. He wasn’t in the office while I took it, of course. Thought I’d let you know, what a grey and foggy late October day it was today. Which isn’t a complaint. You’ll most likely only hear me complain about too much heat or too much snow. Everything in between I can deal with.

And this (photo below) was put on top of our counter by the devil himself by the same workmate with the above window view.
Those are leftovers from a meeting. “If anybody wants a snack…” he said. Dude! It was way past lunch time where I had eaten my little sandwich and was done with eating until my skinny salad for dinner, so why the bloody hell are you putting this kind of junk, that I seriously have a hard time to resist, in plain eye sight? And every time I walked past it, there was that smell… how can you possibly resist that smell??? Did he want to kill me? Test me? Provocate me? Sigh. No, of course not. He only meant well.
I kept repeating to myself
“this is crap food and you know it”
“you’ve had lunch, you’re NOT hungry”
“you’re NOT going to touch this!”
“this is crap food and you know it”
“deep fried Schnitzel and hamburgers are awful and contain  a billion calories and tons of fat”
“no more than three meals a day and that’s it”
“this is crap food and you know it”
I’m proud to say that I didn’t touch any of it. But then I couldn’t take it anymore… THAT SMELL!!!! … and brought it down to the worker’s lunchroom. Some of the late-shift guys, who have their lunch break at 18:00h, will be happy!


One thought on “October 25

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Ahhhh I love fog!!!!! The other day driving to the hospital was so foggy it was kinda scary!!!! Especially going around a bend in the road. Jesus.

    Mmmm yummy!!!! I admire your willpower, Girl! I would’ve eaten the entire plate.



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