October 29

Baby Cabbage, Strange Doctors and Girls on Trains

That cute little white cabbage was my joy for today when I saw him at the grocery among other, much bigger cabbages. It was just the other day that I had said to S, it would take me more than one week to finish one cabbage (I eat it raw as one ingredient in my daily mixed salads) because they are always so big.

Well, I almost feel bad eating him. He’s still such a baby, isn’t he. :-/ (I put the mug next to him so that you have an idea of his size).

Yeah… alright, I shut up already. And no… I’m not on drugs.

In other news, we saw two movies today. First one was Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mats Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton. Gotta say that – becasue I’m no comic nerd – I had never heard about this character. But thanks to the wonderful guys from MARVEL, they made his introduction to the movie world to be a very entertaining and fun one. He’ll maybe not become my fave superhero, but I still found him likable and the movie well done. Okay… it was a bit of visual effects porn. If you know what visual effects were in Inception (the bending buildings and stuff), multiply that by a thousand and add some more serious CGI and you know what to expect. It was fine though. I hadn’t anything to complain. And just like it is with MARVEL, they never forget to take things lightly… to make sure to not take themselves all too seriously (something which stupid DC isn’t capable of) and add the one or other humorous scene. Best treat for S while the credits were rolling was a short outlook at the next Thor movie (Thor: Ragnarok) which comes out next spring.

Second movie was The Girl On The Train, the long awaited movie adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ mega-selling novel, starring Emily Blunt, Mr. Jennifer Aniston (aka Justin Theroux), Luke Evans, Rebecca Fergusson and Haley Bennet. I was one of the many who loved the book very much. While I will always prefer to read a book first, I will also always remain skeptical about movie adaptations. Because more often than not they don’t meet the high expectations. I still rather live with a movie that falls short than spoiling a book by watching the movie first. Had I seen the movie now, I would have never read the book and that would’ve been a loss!

I had heard that there were some slight changes from book to movie and I wasn’t pleased to hear that at first. I also didn’t like the fact that the director changed the setting of the story from London to New York City. Why???? I know I read her explanation in an interview once but it still didn’t make sense to me. One could say that I was a tad bit biased. That’s not always a bad thing though. It’s better to be pleasantly surprised, than to be disappointed.

Gotta say that I WAS pleasantly surprised. I thought this story was VERY well adapted, and I didn’t care a single bit about London being NYC now. And the little changes that were made (even including a completely new character that wasn’t in the book but played a very small but very important role in the movie) were well done and well placed and made total sense to bring the book story onto the big screen. One complain I’d have would be that the camera kept zooming in on Emily Blunt’s face, as if to force her suffering and miseralbe state onto the viewer. Thought that was a bit much. Otherwise I liked it very much!

And if you like to read and haven’t read the book yet… what are you waiting for!


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