A Pledge for Bobby Long (edited*)

If you read my blog regularly and/or if you know me personally, you know that I’m a fan of British-born, NYC-based singer/songwriter Bobby Long. (To read a blog post about a live show we visited in April, along with links to two videos, please click here.)

Bobby wants to record a new album and, just like with the last one, the brilliant Ode To Thinking, he wants to fund it through PledgeMusic, which is basically crowd funding.

Here’s how it works:

You register at PledgeMusic.com, then you look for your favorite artist/the artist you want to support, and then check out the amazing list of very exclusive items. For one, you can of course pledge for the new album ($10 as digital download, $30 as CD incl. digital download), but there are a lot more exciting things to find. And for whatever other goodie  you pledge, the digital download of the album is always included.

To name just a few:

  • His new poetry book Losing My Mistery, (the follow-up to his first one Losing My Brotherhood which came out in 2012), which will be for now only available through the Pledge campain. But while it will be officially released at a later time, you’ll get an mp3 download of readings of the book ONLY when you get it through the campaign!
  • Exclusive mp3 recording of your favorite Bobby Long song  or a cover song of your choice, which is truly AMAZING! I know what for sure because  I have my fave song recorded just for me, dedicated to me, from his last campaign, along with a handwritten lyric sheet! Those sheets were available too, but are already sold out. See? You have to be quick to grab some of these treasures 😉
  • A very exclusive EP with Christmas songs as a download (this will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity!)
  • Or do you want the whole X-Mas package? Includes download of the Christmas EP, a signed Christmas Card from Bobby, and a specially recorded Christmas song of your choice with a dedication to you or a loved one
  • Did you know that Bobby is also a talented illustrator? If you have a few more bucks to spend, you’ll get “… an original pen & ink drawing inspired by your favorite song of mine, signed, personalized and suitable for framing...”
  • A Meet & Greet at a show or even a Private Show in your own living room? Not a problem.
  • Three guitar lessons via Skype, a personalized voicemail, rare out-of-print vinyls, exclusive T-Shirts, tote bags, posters… great compliations that include different items (such as the Basket of Bobby Long’s Favourite Things). You see the list is very long. There’s truly something for every taste and every personal budget.

But really… if you just pledge for his album, it’s already a lot of help!

This amazingly talented guy deserves all the help he can get. So please do me a huge favor, register with www.pledgemusic.com, search for Bobby Long and also get all exclusive updates through this site by Bobby himself, checking in via video regularly.

The campaign will run for another 16 days. As of right now it has already reached an amazing 72%. 28% to go! WE CAN DO THIS and YOU can be a part of it. What are you waiting for? 🙂

Here’s the direct link to Bobby’s page on Pledge Music:

And if you need to be convinced some more, please check out some of his videos here or here. It’s definitely worth your time.

Bobby’s Official Website | Bobby’s Facebook | Bobby’s Twitter

*a huge thanks to Bobby’s German Streetteam for helping out with some more insight and information on the campaign 🙂




2 thoughts on “A Pledge for Bobby Long (edited*)

  1. Uta

    I support the PledgeMusic campaign for Bobby’s next album from the bottom of my heart because I want and need more of his incredible music in my life. I’ve already pledged several times and as soon as more handwritten lyric sheets will be added to the campaign I’m going to pledge again. There are really so many great exclusive items to choose from and every single pledge helps Bobby on his way to 100%.


    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Uta and yes I know what you mean about the handwritten lyric sheets. But there’s basically something for everyone. But even if enough people simply spend 10 bucks on the album download… EVERYTHING helps. The worst thing that could ever happen is that the campaign fails and there won’t be a next album anytime soon. So lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope that there’ll be many new pledgers in the next two weeks!



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