November 2


Pic taken on my way home from work this afternoon. I caught some very rare rays of sun since it was mostly a grey day.

No filters, no editing.

Don’t try this at home, kids. Using your phone while driving, I mean, and taking pics. Don’t!!!

Otherwise nothing interesting and exciting happened … but I’ve heard something that deeply shocked me today. A worker from our plant in another State of Germany has passed away this weekend. What shocked me most about it is: he was only 53 years old, had no history of being sick (not that we knew of anyway), worked his normal shifts until Friday and went into a normal weekend like everyone else, went to bed on Saturday night and never woke up again. He just died in his sleep.

At the young age of 53.

For him, it’s certainly a “good way to die” if there is any such thing. Yet for his poor relatives this must be the biggest shock ever.

And also, while it’s of course nothing new, but it is again a reminder that life can end all of a sudden. Even if you’re not really fighting illnesses or whatever, your plug can be pulled at any given moment, you know?

I have come a bit closer to having my own plug pulled almost 5 months ago, but I’m still here, doing rather well, for which I’m more thankful for than you could ever imagine. And I’ve learned from it to change some things in my life that I knew before, had to be changed But I was too lazy and careless to change. I’m thankful I got that kick in the ass and the chance to change and that I was given some more time… however long it will be.

This guy wasn’t given a chance. He’s gone. Went to bed one evening, maybe thinking about his plans for the next day, and never woke up.

While this is always sad news, it hit me a tad bit harder than it usually would have. Even though I didn’t know him personally. Doesn’t matter. He was one of our workers and he died from one day to another at the age of 53, which is not much older than I am myself.

Since I was working on the monthly personnel statistics today, or better, I had just finished them, I had to go ahead and update them. One person less. Just so…

Life can be over in an instant. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t take it for granted. Especially not when you’re worrying and being angry too much too often about things and/or people that aren’t worth it.



One thought on “November 2

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Wow. My condolences about the guy who died. So freaky how you can just go to bed and never wake up again.

    I’ve recently found that your life can end in other ways, too. Not just dying. Ok maybe it doesn’t END, but it changes so drastically and so suddenly that it feels like life as you knew it is now dead to you.

    So yah, don’t take it for granted cuz even if you don’t die, your life can change in an instant.



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