November 4

Travemünde Tea

The only kind of tea I ever drink is pure fruit tea. My faves are Rote Grütze (a red berry mix), Cherry and Persian Apple with Ginger.

Of the last one I had bought a small amount in Schwerin last August. SO SO SO GOOD!!! I needed new one. But you don’t get that very tea everywhere. I checked the shops around here online, none of them carried it. Most of them have some kind of apple tea or they have Turkish Apple but without ginger.

But I could get it from other sources on the internet without a problem. One of them is our beloved “Lübecker Teekontor” in beloved Travemünde. Just last August when we visited for 3 days, we were there. ‘t was when S spend a little fortune on some new tea pots…

However, they – of course – carry Persian Apple with Ginger and of course they also ship their tea and of course I would buy it there before anywhere else.

And so, today, my big 500g package arrived.

Guess it’s about time to brew me a cuppa 😉 Later…


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