November 5

It’s That Time Of The Year Again

No, not Christmas. That’s still 50 days away.

I’m talking about candle season. Those candles in the collage below are all in one room – the living room. I’m very much a candles person. I love the autumn- and winter evenings when the rooms are dimly lit and lots of candels are burning. I love it to be warm and cosy. I can’t imagine living in a house with no candles and no warm light and no couch with soft warm blankets…

But speaking of that other time of the year… I was at our local flower- and gardening shop today and here they are again: the poinsettias (of which I’m not such a big fan, to be honest) and also, of course, the Christmas department has opened.

Did I buy something? Um… yes, a very little something, but I won’t post it here, just in case the person I bought it for will check this site 😉


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