November 7

For Hedwig

I’m still knee-deep into the Harry Potter universe y’all, having finished (audio-)book #4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday and started with book #5 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix almost right after. It is no shorter than 30 hours, so it will keep me busy for a while, I guess… But that’s a good thing. Because it will take another few days until I’ll get my next free one from Audible so that I don’t have to pay extra for book #6 😀

I had shortly considered reading something else in between, but then I couldn’t. I know now that I’ll finish the series before I start with something different.

S is still in awe. “Who KNEW that you’ll read Harry Potter and… LIKE IT so much.”

Yeah… me neither.

I may not be reviewing the single books but write a Harry Potter book post instead, when I’m through.

This morning when I stopped at the bakery, I walked across the entry of a shop that was a book shop in the olden days. Not one of the big chains but run by the owners for generations until there was no one who wanted to continue with it and the old owner just had literally gotten too old and also didn’t want to bother with all that “new and modern” stuff like ebooks etc. They closed many years ago. I think, the family still owns that house where the shop was in. It now houses a toy shop.

However… that owl in the photo was always their company logo and is right in front of the entrance door to the shop.

I’ve seen it a billion times but this morning I took notice since: Owl = Hedwig. And we Potterheads LOVE Hedwig. Of course we do! (In fact I love that whole owl business in the HP books SO MUCH!!!)

And so… this photo is for Hedwig. 🙂

(P.S.: Stephen Fry pronouncing the word owl is the best thing I’ve heard in my life :-D)


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