November 9

Rotten Day

A day that starts with news that Donald fucking TRUMP is the new President of the United States of America, then continues with snow Fucking White Shit on my car, goes on with my boss pointing at something I have seriously fucked up in the office and top it with a Statistic from Hell I have worked on for 7 hours straight…

Need I say more?

Excuse my language. But days like these require some serious swearing.

And now back to my wizarding world. The real one is insufferable.

#FuckThisDay #TrumpSucks #SnowSucks #StatisticsSuck #FuckingUpAtWorkSucks



One thought on “November 9

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Ugh. Sorry you had such a rotten day! I will probably be able to understand your hatred of snow in a couple of months.

    Right now I can definitely feel your pain on your boss yelling at you. We all got yelled at by our boss on Friday. Doesn’t feel good, especially when you’re working your ass off to get shit done.

    I hope we all have a better week this week. Sigh…



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