November 11

Is It Christmas Yet?

And so S and I took off to the mall to get into the spirit… to look at decorations (not that there is ever anything really new, but that doesn’t matter), to get inspirations for presents… wrapping… Advent calendar goodies… you name it. For some reason we’re both SO VERY READY for that whole Christmas nonsense already … we were almost sad that most Christmas Markets take yet another week until they open (although opening next week seems still rather early-ish, compared to past years).

Whatever… not that we bought anything yet but… getting into the mood was enough. It was a nice afternoon.

Afterwards we had a damn burger at Maredo. Waaaayyy too many calories! But it was sooo good. That dip you see is Chipotle. It was to die for!

Now back to skinny salad again for the next weeks… :-/

Oh, and before I forget, we also saw a movie.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, starring Tom Cruise. Please allow me to give you the following advice: don’t spend time and money on this! It would be wasted. You’re welcome.

We had seen the first Jack Reacher movie a few years ago and it was… alright. The typical kind of movie that Tom Cruise seems to make over and over and over these days, but it was watchable.

This sequel however, was so dumb, I can’t belive that the writer of the screenplay got away with it (or should I blame the writer of the Jack Reacher novel book series?), and that someone like Tom Cruise agreed that this would be an acceptable movie to star in for him.

The story was in parts so incredibly stupid, that I got angry. I hate when I get angry at a movie.

Therefore, I’m not wasting any more time on reviewing this.

Just one more thing: what happens to Tom Cruise’s face? He looks horrible. Is he getting stuff done to it? Botox or anything else? It’s not that he’s gotten older. He is. But there’s something that just looks off!

Maybe the same that seems to happen to Ben Affleck’s face. His is a different kind of “off” but still off.

Awful. Please stop that, guys!


One thought on “November 11

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I like those reindeer.

    The thought of decorating, shopping, wrapping gifts is beyond what I’m capable of even thinking about right now. I will be surprised if I do ANY of that this year. I can handle buying and sending gift cards and that’s about it. Sucks because I had it all calendared out this year so nothing would be left out but now that my world has been turned upside down I can’t deal with anything. I will enjoy hearing about everything YOU do, however.

    Mmmm that burger, fries and Chipotle mayo looks yummy! As soon as Mom feels like going anywhere I want to go over to a restaurant out on the highway called Artisian. They have stuf like burgers, BBQ nachos, etc. My kind of grub. LOL

    I’m sorry the Jack Reacher movie sucked. That’s a book, right? Or a character from a book? I think my Mom read some of the books and couldn’t imagine Tom Cruise in the role.

    Maybe Tom and Ben have seen how god-awful Robert Redford has ended up looking and are trying to do everything they can to prevent that happening as they age. Speaking of weird faces: Marie Osmond. WTF?



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