November 12

Frosty Temperatures, Big Leaves & Helping Out Doggies

When I went out for a walk this noon, I was surprised at the seriously cold temperatures. And although I kept being in motion, I felt that I was not wearing warm enough clothes. That resulted in having to cut the walk a bit shorter than planned, but it was just too cold., only wearing thin leggings, a t-shirt and a hoodie.  To make matters worse, my phone battery died halfway and I could not keep listening to my audio book. Weird, because I was still at 33% when I started.

Back home, first thing I did was soak in the hot tub. Aaaaahhhh….

To show you that it was actually freezing… here are a couple pics of frozen leaves.

Not frozen but rather huge is this leaf. I wonder what kind of plant it is from. I highly doubt it’s from a tree. I don’t know any trees who have such big leaves.

Later I saw on Facebook, that our local animal shelter had sent out a cry for help. They are ALWAYS short on money and highly dependent on donations. They were in desperate need of dog food and were hoping for people donating some.

Since I needed to visit the grocery anyway and wanted to meet up with S there, I suggested to her that we’d buy some dog food and bring it to them. I mean… is there anything more easy to help than that?

And so we each bought a 10 kg (22 lb) bag (which cost less than 10 Euro) and brought it over. We were obviously the first ones who had reacted to their Facebook post and they were VERY VERY happy and thankful.

I’ve made the decision to do that more often now. I know that the Velbert animal shelter desperately needs help. I can’t and won’t take a kitty or doggy home with me, but I can at least help with donations, right?

In fact, everybody can. It’s not only the animal shelter in Velbert. I yet have to hear of one that is totally rich and doesn’t need any outside help.

There are some groceries/supermarkets here with a donation bin (if that term makes sense) where you can leave animal food donations. I’ve done that for a long time in the past in my then fave grocery. But that one is gone for now for a while and the next one who offers these bins are in a neighbor town where I never shop for groceries.

Tierheim is German for Animal Shelter

On their grounds. And no, we didn’t go to see any of their animals. We both didn’t want to see them and then leave without one of them, you know…

The caption under the pic says “The animal shelter is thanking Whiskas for this car”.


One thought on “November 12

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Still t-shirt weather here but I do finally feel cold air. Yay! I guess we had frost last night but since Mom and I didn’t get up til 8am, we never saw it.

    How nice of you to help da doggies! Ya, I could not go visit them and leave them there either. No way. I’d have to take them allllllll home.



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