November 13

Sunday 20:15h, Tatort Time

To Germans I don’t have to explain what Tatort is. For everyone else: Tatort (Crime Scene) is the name of a crime show that’s running on Sundays at a quarter past 8 for AGES and is considered cult by now.

I watch it more or less regularly. This Sunday was the 1.000th episode. Enjoyed it with a small glass of red wine.

The thing is: I haven’t watched TV in a long long time. One reason surely is the fact that I’ve discovered audio books. I prefer listening to a book rather than staring into the TV right now. Not even the news I switch on anymore. While there’s surely a need to stay informed – especially during these times – it’s enough for me what I catch on the radio news during the day. I have that very very strong urge to kind of “disconnect” when I get home from work. It’s all once again stressful enough there. I feel I have to pull the plug on a lot of things as soon as I get home.

But the one thousandth Tatort is a legit reason to make an exception…


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