November 16


To be honest… I hadn’t thought about taking a photo for the blog all day and also not during shopping. I snapped a couple pics for other reasons and now I have to use those.

This one I took so that I remember where I have parked my car in the huuuuge and very confusing mall parking lot.

Who knew that fashion label Zara (where I don’t buy since they only carry clothes for extremely skinny people) has a home interiour line now. Snapped that pic for S. They have reeeaaaaly nice stuff!

And this is proud me, putting on a dress for the first time in about a hundred years. I didn’t buy it. It’s not my kind of dress. All I wanted was to see if I was able to fit into a dress again at all without looking like a proper liver sausage. S liked the dress and thought I should buy it. I said, no way, I look like the CEO Secretary in it.


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