November 18

Christmas Market!

I admit it very frankly: I am a Christmas junkie. It’s my favorite time of the year. Screw summer holidays and other silly festivities… I live for the time between the 1st Advent Sunday (or, lets say, the time when the first Christmas Market opens 😉 ) and the 2nd Christmas Day.

Don’t even try to discuss with me how this has all turned into some really freaky money-making machine, how the true spirit of Christmas is not important anymore and how everyone is only looking for tons of expensive presents and to stuff their faces with junk food and mulled wine on the markets. I’m saying this because I know some of these constant complainers.

You know what? It’s up to each and everyone individually, what they make of Christmas. If you don’t like to spend tons of money on tons of useless things but rather want to do something more profound with your money, you are free to do so! No one forces you to participate. If you like to celebrate the spiritual or religious meaning of Christmas, you are free to do so! If you hate Christmas markets, fine! No one forces you to visit one. Yes I know, it’s hard to escape the whole circus. Love it or hate it, but it’s hard to actually completely ignore it. I know. But honestly… stop bitching. We live in a free country where everyone can make of Christmas what they prefer to do.

So: the Christmas Market in Essen opened yesterday and today, S and I were there for the first Egg Nog of the season and to look at all the stands that are there every year and sell the same stuff every year. We love it!

In front of the Grillo Theatre

Ferris Wheel. No, we didn’t take a ride.

Egg Nog!!! Unfortunately though we both had the impression that they have changed the recipe slightly. It was still okay, but somehow… different :-/

The typical “light tent” on Kennedyplatz.

The Speaking Elk at the mulled wine stand.

The beautiful old carousel.

Unfortunately it started raining pretty hard after a while. The good: the market emptied rather quickly. The bad: we got wet.

Inside a shop that sells ornaments and ugly fake trees. I’m sorry but I can’t with these things. (The fake trees, I mean.)


One thought on “November 18

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Yah if I was there I would beg you to take me to each and every Xmas market you girls go to. I want to see it all, eat it all, drink it all, and then puke it all up on the rides!!!! Wait…what? Maybe I’ll go on the rides first. For now, I’ll live through your beautiful photos. Sigh…



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