November 19

Random Selection

Drove to a shop in Ratingen that S had heard of. They sell five bazillion x-mas items (among other non-seasonal deco stuff). It was Saturday around noon and the place was so packed that people were standing in line to wait for a shopping cart to return! Never experienced something like that before. Jeeesus. Normally I try to avoid to shop on days where everyone shops, but… here we were.

Stocked up on gnomes and other Fantastic Beasts… for ourselves and for friends.

Taken out of the car window on the way to Essen where we plan to see a movie later.

The mall opposite the CinemaxX movie theater. The latter is our destination.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Now, that I am a total Potterhead, I could appreciate that movie so much more!!! It was nice not having to ask S who Gellart Grindelwald is and what Aurors and Squibs are. 😉

Eddie Redmayne predictably nailed his role as Newt Scamander, but Dan Fogler as Kowalski was a DELIGHT!! Never had heard of that actor before. He almost stole the show!

I liked the introduction into the American wizarding world just fine (even though they call their Muggles NoMajs :-/ Of course they do . NoMaj is short for a no-magical – a person who can’t perform magic – and we all know, the Americans LOVE abbreviations LOL 😉 )

Newt’s Beasts were a mix between cute, adorable, beautiful and funny (looking at you, dear Nibbler). Loved all of them. I think the movie would have even worked if the script had only concentrated on the escaped beasts and how Newt has to get hold of them again, without already introducing us to what an Obscurus is and that whole plot around Percival Graves. I mean… this is planned to be a 5 part series. But okay… it’s not really a complaint. I thought the movie was very well done and I’m sure that most Harry Potter fans will be pleased.



One thought on “November 19

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Ohhhhh I love everything in that shopping cart!!!! So cute!!! The only place to shop around here is Walmart. I went up and down every aisle in their Christmas department but nothing at all cute.

    NoMaj is stupid. Why not just use the original Muggles? I hate us!



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