November 25

A Perfect Day Off

More or less spontaneously I took a day off because an event had caught my eye that I wanted to attend with S.

And I couldn’t have chosen a better day because… look at the sky when I went to pick her up.

First stop was Café Löscher in Hattingen because they serve THE BEST COFFEE EVER. I’m usually not a fan of drinking regular coffee at cafés in Germany because in most cases it’s too strong for my taste. This one… it’s heavenly! And they also serve these yummy sandwiches. So we went for an extended breakfast and both had two large cups of coffee.

After breakfast we checked out the Christmas Market. First egg nog of the day we had around noon. A second one shortly before we left.

This is one of the many sights in Hattingen, which is well known for its many half-timbered and historical houses. This one’s called the “Bügeleisen-Haus” (The Flat Iron House).

On the way to Duisburg now… if only it would go a bit quicker. That guy with his digger holds up the traffic.

The sun is going downer and downer (sorry Jinjer, that one still doesn’t get old :-D)

Arriving at “Landschaftspark Duisburg” which is an old industrial steel work site which was turned into a park in the early 90s.

For some years now they host a Christmas Market (mostly indoors) on one weekend during Advent Season. Never been there before but now we hope to visit it regularly. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

Various artists were playing live music. When no one’s playing live, they played beautiful classical music over the speakers. So a relaxed athmosphere…

Sautéed champignons with a creamy, garlic-y sauce. Yummy!!! S had green cabbage.

We did buy some jewelry again (as if we don’t have enough rings already… but you can never have enough rings, that’s a fact LOL), and took our time looking at EVERY stand with all the beautiful handmade goods.

After that we took a walk through the beautifully illuminated park. I love that industrial theme very much. One day we have to come back with the cameras to take proper photos!

That’s how you take pics in such a place: SLR camera, tripod, and loads of time and effort to find the right setting and the right composition of the photo you want to make. There were two guys taking their sweet little time figuring out their perfect shot. They let us amateurs with our iPhones do our quick snapshots before continuing their work.


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